Home Automation - A smart way of living


Home Automation Developments


Until recently, central control of building was found only in larger commercial buildings and expensive homes, involving lighting, building automation, heating and cooling systems, rarely provided more than basic monitoring, control, and was accessible only from specific control points within the building itself.


The most obvious benefits of this approach is smart devices and appliances that can be connected to a LAN, through internet or Wi-Fi. Also, electrical systems and even individual points, like electrical outlets and light switches are also integrated into home automation networks. Businesses have explored the potential of IP-based inventory tracking. Home networks are capable of including an increasing number of devices and systems.


Automation is the ability of a device to program and schedule events for the devices on a network. The programming of the device includes time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times everyday. It also includes the non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when the security alarm is triggered.


Once you understand the uses of home automation scheduling, you will come up with any number of creative and useful solutions to make your life better. Is that a west-facing window letting in too much of light? Plug into a "smart" outlet and program it to close at noon each day.

Putting It All Together

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