EPABX Services

The Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (EPABX) is a complex in-house telephony switching system. Brihaspathi Technologies offers end-to-end support on EPABX Machine and MatrixEPABX systemsPricesolutions. This includes choice of wireless EPABX systems of all brands and make, and prompt after-sales service.

Each EPABX comes with different features:

Brihaspathi Technologies are the best EPABX Dealers in Hyderabad that also provide solutions that helped small, medium and large businesses across India to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity. Prompt automatic channelling of calls to the right phone number in the organization means to pace-up the work, and help in generating higher customer value for all organizations availing our EPABX systems. .

Brihaspathi Technologies excels at offering holistic and affordable telephony and security solutions to businesses, Manufacturing Plants, Factories, Institutions, Call Centres, Hotels, etc.

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