Super Fax

Brihaspathi Technologies' Super Fax services are affordable, quality driven and customized as per client needs. The problems associated with the conventional fax machine (paper supply, power supply, quality print, time of receiving and delivery etc) are overcome.

Through Super Fax, you can send and receive fax directly from your mail box. We provide a phone number that is mapped to your email ID. When you call on the number, a fax tone is given. Simultaneously, an SMS is sent to you after the fax is received. The fax is available in the mail box as a pdf attachment.

The Super Fax has two components:

Fax to Email - The customer is provided a virtual number, which gives a fax tone, so that the incoming fax is received, converted into a pdf and mailed to the inbox

Email to Fax - The customer sends a email to us with an attachment. The attachment is extracted and sent to the receiver as paper fax.

Super Fax - Features: