Solar Panel Suppliers For Agriculture

Brihaspathi Technologies offers custom and cost-effective solar products and solutions for the agricultural sector. Our offer of solar products and solutions includes, PV power packs for solar power generation, and solar pumps that draw water from bore wells.

Our comprehensive solar solutions portfolio includes an in-depth study of the nature of water requirement, the type of irrigation employed and the depth of water availability. Our solar experts decide on the type of pump required, the controller capacity and the solar module capacity.

The solar pumps we supply help farmers to draw water from various sources and send it to desired location. In areas where sunshine is in abundance, he solar products (solar modules, structures, solar pumps and its controller) have been found to be highly result oriented.

Brihaspathi Technologies also offers end-to-end support on solar micro cold storage systems. The micro cold storage system is a solar hybrid, modular low-energy, low-cost cold storage unit that is capable of cooling vegetables.

We deal in the sales and distribution of all types of solar products for agriculture. Our objective is to support the farmers to minimize the cultivation cost and improve their income.