Domain Registration

The domain name is the first sign of identity for any business, online. It is considered as the foundation of your website. The domain name of your website helps your customers, visitors and clients to find you on Internet. The domain name helps your customers and prospects to connect to your site's pages, which in technical terms means to access your company' pages on the server.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients to avail the right, matching and SEO friendly domain names. Each domain name that is offered also allows for good URL structure, and easy navigation. Our choice of domain names helps you to attract a large number of new clients, increase product trade volume, and supply products and services across different regions and geographies.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients to choose the right domain with matching extensions (.com, .in,, .uk etc). Our domain registration services help in easy identification of your business and products online. You can either choose a related or a completely unrelated name as your domain. However, we ensure that your domain name suggests and speaks for your company and your offerings.

The domain names that we offer to our clients help in making their businesses greatly visible and noticeable. Our objective is to prove each business' professional competence to competitors via right domain name registration.

Five questions about Domain Registration

1. What is the procedure of domain name registration?

You need to fill-in the form, and make the payment. On receiving your payment, we will register your choicest domain immediately. Domain registration details can be accessed at your control panel. However, domain names can be registered only on clearing the availability check. If your choicest domain name is already registered by another user, you can buy from the user at a negotiated price. We advise you to buy domains that match your business, and carry your business key-words.

2. In what period of time domain name is registered?

It depends on the DNS server updates. However, the domain name registration may happen within 24 to 48 hours duration.

3. What happens if I have already paid for domain name, but it is taken?

We suggest, you first check the availability of the domain before you book it, and make the payment. If you have already paid for it, you will get the refund of the payment made for the domain.

4. Is domain registered on the name of the client?

Yes. The domain is registered in your name, or business name. Due to legal and identify conditions, you should enter all details in the domain registration form, which may include your name, address, mail ID and phone numbers.

5. Where the domain name is registered?

We register your domains with different ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited companies.

6. If I have made a mistake and registered wrong domain name, can it be changed?

No, you cannot edit or change your domain name once it is registered.