Boom Barrier Suppliers

Boom barriers have become an integral part of the premises safety and security system. Boom barriers primarily serve the purpose of regulating vehicular access through a control point. Boom barriers come in two types: Manual and Automatic.

Brihaspathi Technologies' affordable and quality premises safety and security solutions takes clients to the next level of operational excellence. We offer boom barrier price, TripodTurnstile priceproducts that can be readily deployed or customized as per the client's specific needs and requirements.

We offer end-to-end support on design, make and installation of boom barriers at business and corporate premises. We specialize in providing custom built Pneumatic Barriers, Flap barrier, Electro-mechanical Boom Barrier Suppliers in Hyderabad, and other quality boom barriers.

Brihaspathi Technologies specializes in supplying boom barriers that present quality raw components and advanced technology. Our boom barriers are extensively used in blocking roadways, entrance to hotels, offices and other areas that demand high level of security.

Benefits of our boom barriers:

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