Initial Website Consultation

Brihaspathi Technologies can be considered as the full-scale partner of each online business. Our association with each business begins firmly with a strong consultation process, usually done in person if you have local presence, or over phone and email.

The purpose of our initial consultation is to get to know each other by an in-depth understanding of each other's competencies. We will explain the difference we plan to bring to each client' business, by our focused, bespoke and affordable optimization services.

Clients explain their needs of online business, their competitors, competitors' online strategies and detail on the list of key-words for which they wish to compete. Once we have all this information, we will prepare the detailed cost proposal and site plan. The detailed cost analysis/pricing for custom optimization process is sent to the clients for approval.

Initial website consulting process takes a holistic view of web development and online promotion. It includes a detailed study of website's URL, hosting, design, development, optimization and analytics process.

Website Address: Choosing the right URL for your business is the first step to a robust and successful optimization strategy. Our efforts aim at creating a sync between the URL, Page Titles, Meta Tags and on-page content.

Website Design: The choice of design depends on the business domain. Detailed thought, research and analysis go into each website's design. The focus is more on the end-product with faster page-loads, and cross-browser compatibility.

Website Development: By leveraging on innovative technologies such as .NET, JAVA, and HTML5, we ensure that websites are assured of resounding performance. With expertise in latest CMS technologies, we ensure that each website allows for 100 percent scalability and flexibility.

Website Optimization: Once your website is up and running, we ensure that it is properly optimized for maximum online visibility. Our custom and cost-effective SEO strategy helps businesses to enjoy a strong online position, and beat competition for basis business key-words.

Website Maintenance: Websites in order to be efficient and accessible 24x7 need timely support and maintenance by skilled software architects and web developers. Errors and bugs when fixed on time, ensure a robust and high-performance website. A high performance site and its continuous visibility is the first step to create customer's trust and promote customer confidence in the online business.

On Page Optimization

Brihaspathi Technologies offers comprehensive and value-driven on-page optimization services. Our on-page optimization process begins with key-word selection, research and testing. It also includes Meta description tag, ALT tags, H1 tags, URL structure, Internal linking strategy, Content Writing, Key-word density, Sitemaps (both XML and user facing), Usability and accessibility, and Tracking target key-words.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ effective on-page optimization services assure results in 6 - 12 months. We ensure that no mistakes are made during the implementation of the SEO strategy. The measures we undertake include, checking for duplicate content, URL variants, off-site images, and duplicate title tags. We resort to White-hat SEO only, and avoid falling into the trap of black-hat optimization techniques such as hidden text, hidden links, key-word repetition, doorway pages, mirror pages and cloaking.

Success of On-Page Optimization:

Content is the king. Good content is itself the sign of strong and success optimization. We ensure that content meets the expectations of the readers and it is effectively linked to relevant pages within and outside the website.

Website visitors look for specifics which they initiate as key-word search at the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). Good content revolves around key-words that web visitors search for. Brihaspathi Technologies assures success to clients by an offer of relevant, key-word and business specific content.

Proper linking for good ranking:

No webpage remains effective if it does not allow for good linking. This happens as search engines cannot index web pages that are not properly linked (internal and external). For proper and effective linking, our SEO experts focus on title tags and URL structure. By using the right URL structure, we ensure that the given page relates to titles and in tune with the information hierarchy.

We aim to create ideally optimized web pages that include, subject in the title tag, URL, image alt text, and repeated throughout the text content. The uniqueness of each page's content is preserved. Linking back to category page, sub-category page and home page is effectively done.

So, our on-page optimization process takes into consideration all the four crucial elements – Title tag, URL, content on the page, and image alt text. We ensure that, the content developed for the web page is specific to the given topic, usually a product or service offering, and very well hyper-relevant.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is a vital part of the website promotion activity. Brihaspathi Technologies’ off page optimization expertise begins with search engine submissions, followed by directory submissions. It also includes Business Listings, competitor back links, Social Bookmark submissions, classifieds, articles, blogging, and press release submissions.

We understand that a successful optimization process calls for equal focus on on-page as well as Off-page optimization process. We also focus on other off page optimization processes like document and photo sharing, forum postings, video sharing, guest posting, and business reviews. Our off page optimization process also takes into consideration a robust and vibrant social media activities.

Our off page strategy is based on a long-term process, and helps in building back links which are primary for improving the website's results. We aim to build quality links for each website. Here, our focus is on establishing quality back links by directory submissions. We also resort to publishing fresh and unique content on your web pages.

We also leverage on social media for achieving value driven content marketing. We promote the content of your website on blogs (own and external) and also on social media sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Brihaspathi Technologies’ expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is very well established. Through our custom SEO strategy, we help clients to achieve quick online visibility and start generating leads, almost instantly. Developed around key-words, we post short text ads that are prominently displayed at search engine results. These are paid ads, also called as sponsored links or sponsored results.

Our SEM strategy includes posting of paid ads as Google's Adwords, and Yahoo's Search Marketing. At Brihaspathi Technologies, the SEM strategy goes along with the SEO process, where the focus of the later is on organic search rankings. In generic terms, Search Marketing process is also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC), where advertisers pay to the service provider, when someone clicks on the ad link.

By leveraging on SEM, we offer the benefit of promoting your website almost instantly, and pay for the clicks (on ads) only. However, the pricing of each click is based on the competition of the key-words used and promoted by way of posting ads.

PPC (Pay per Click)

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a complex and collaborative online marketing strategy. It really demands expert hands to custom develop the right strategy. Ad content developed around competitor keywords is the key to a successful PPC campaign.

PPC brings together three prominent players: Searchers, Engines and Advertisers. Searchers are people who click on paid ads for relevant information online. Engines present the right ads on relevant web pages, so that the searchers and advertisers can click and view ads online. Advertisers put their messages before audiences looking for products and services.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps the new and the old companies to run successfully their PPC campaigns. We bring maturity and assured results through focused and custom PPC campaigns for each business. Our PPC services follow a meticulous process, that includes,

We monitor, analyze and report on each PPC campaign, such that the client is better informed about the spending on posting online ads, and the value generated by each PPC campaign.

Google Webmaster Tools

Keyword Research

An effective and value-driven SEO strategy focuses on key-words, and content developed around key-words. Our experience with online marketing has taught us the importance of keywords and their assurance on driving good results at organic search listings.

Equally, the success of Search Engine Marketing as facilitated by paid ads is also based on the right set of key-words used in the content, on-page and off-page.

Brihaspathi Technologies focuses equally on developing long-tail and short-tail key words, as per the domain competition and relevance. We make an assessment of each key-word or key-word phrase, before we suggest it to the client for verification and approval.

Our key-words research is based on,

Brihaspathi Technologies’ focus on long tail keywords may get 100 - 1000 searches per month. By way of effective on-page and off-page optimization techniques greater online visibility can be achieved for long-tail keywords.

Google Analytics

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients to leverage on Google Analytics, to allow for website updates, change the SEO strategy, and decide on the SEO and SEM strategy that includes paid and organic search listings.

Google Analytics is a powerful web and mobile analytics solution, which can be used across the entire enterprise. Our Google Analytics competency includes the following solutions

Multi-channel measurement and attribution: Answers questions like, which marketing channels brought customers to your website, and how customers interacted with your brand even before a purchase or conversion.

Social Analytics: We measure your website's success across social media channels. We also help you to assess how your content engages readers across platforms

Mobile Analytics: With increased Internet on mobiles, the access of Analytics reports has become easy and convenient. Brihaspathi Technologies’ role will be to develop custom apps for iOS and Android, that provide for robust and efficient access to Analytics reports, which again has an impact on quick decision making.

Step 1: Sign up at Google Analytics website for a new account.

Step 2: Configure your Google Analytics account (what should be included and what shouldn't be)

Step 3: Set up your tracking code in your website or mobile app that helps in collecting and sending usage data to each Analytics account.

Other than this, we also help businesses to track their Adwords account, through Google Analytics. The visitors visiting your ads, number of clicks and the money spent on each ad clicked can be tracked effectively. By tracking your Adwords, you can adjust your budget spending, and make informed decisions on the changes to make in each Adwords campaign.