CMS Based Websites

Brihaspathi Technologies leverages on CMS website development to achieve simple and smooth workflow for each client's online business. The chief benefit of CMS websites is that, they do not demand for complex and incomprehensible coding to update content on a regular basis.

When your requirement is for blogs, news sites and shopping sites that demand for constant and continuous web updates we suggest web development based on popular CMSs, WordPress, Joomla, and others. We also bank on CMS website development with the requirement is for appealing look, stunning themes and diverse plug-in functionalities.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers CMS website development services that are resounding, expressive and user-friendly. At each CMS website, we focus on content presentation, captivating layout, creation of elements that are editable and enhanceable, adherence to best quality norms and standards, provide for simple and appealing designs, create pages that allow for easy navigation, and finally develop CMS websites that are dynamic and editable.

CMS based web development includes the following process:
  1. Understanding your business, customer and competition
  2. Evolving a client approved wireframe
  3. Design and development by experienced software architects and developers
  4. Providing unique and personalized sites that help you to outrace your competition

CMS based sites: FAQs

  1. What is a CMS based website?

    CMS means Content Management System, it allows for controlling and managing of the content within the website by anyone, even without technical training. CMS sites allow for easy addition, deletion and editing of text as well as images on the web pages.

  2. Do CMS websites need any technical knowledge, to manage and update?

    There is no need for any technical experience (development or programming). CMS websites allow for editing on any normal web browser.

  3. What are the benefits of having a CMS based website?

    You can manage your web pages (text and visuals), avoid delays that often happen with vendor-based web development, and keep your website up-to-date on the data presented.

  4. Why should you choose Brihaspathi Technologies for your CMS based website development?

    Brihaspathi Technologies is a professionally managed web development company. Our professional Joomla developers help you with developing CMS based websites that mean to deliver high value for money spent. By developing CMS based websites, we aim to deliver not only high level of functionality but also generate traffic and business for each client.

  5. What type of businesses requires CMS based websites?

    Usually, CMS based websites are opted by small, medium and enterprise level businesses. As CMS based sites allow for quick uploads and web updates, it is found suitable for firms working across regions and nations. Uploads to the website that include text docs, graphics, video, audio and diagrams can be easily facilitated and managed.