VE-SAN Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

» VE -SAN Is A Combination Of Unique Herbal Plant Extract, Viz. Echinacea Angustifoli, Which Has High Antiseptic Activity Nature Along With 75% Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)

» As Per WHO Guidelines A Good Sanitizer Should Contain Not Less Than 75% ENA. Whereas Our VE- SAN Contains 75% Of ENA Which Is Thus A Good Effective Sanitizer .

» The Unique Herbal Plant Extract I.EEchinacea Angustifolio Also Can Be Used As Topically For Wounds & Sking Rashes Etc

» There Are No Side Effects

» VE- SAN Contains Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) Which Is A Natural And Ferment Based Product . Whereas Most Of The Other Hand Sanitizer Contains Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) Which Is A Chemical Based By-Product From Petroleum Crude.

» ENA Is The Best Choice As Effective Sanitizer In Comparison With IPA As Per WHO Guidelines. Frequent Use Of IPA In Sanitizer Causes Skin Rashes, Itching On Long Run. Where As No Such Effects Are Seen With ENA

» IPA Is Highly Flammable And Pungent In Odour Where As ENA Is Light Sweetish In Odour Which Is Most Acceptable To Human Being