Bulk SMS For Banking Industry

There was a time when the customers had to rush to the banks for every minute reason. Now with the improvement in technology we have come to such a phase of banking where all most all the transactions carry on with the click of a button.


Banks are the storehouse of a nation’s capital. The citizens of a country rely on banks for safely depositing and saving their cash. Any activity that the customer carries out in the banks or ATMs can be directly sent to the persons through SMS.

Loan dues and transactional details can be sent by the help of bulk SMS. Any transaction that a customer fulfils at the ATM can be directly sent to the same person for further reference and to identify any suspicious activity. The transactional details sent to the customer give them a proof that it is their own-self who has done the activity. In that way you help the customer be worry free.

Bulk SMS enhances your business by always maintaining good relationship with the customers. By always keeping in touch with the users of your services lets maintain a good relation with the account holders and it motivates the new customers to open an account in your bank.

Banks can also utilize the bulk SMS services to send their staff the holidays. Brihaspathi Technologies helps you use the bulk SMS services with less cost. We have the most competitive prices available in Hyderabad. There are two types of bulk SMS services for banking sector in Brihaspathi technologies:

Transactional bulk SMS service:

  • Provides information about transactions and depositions done by the customer.

  • Delivers important and urgent information as per the requirement.

Promotional bulk SMS service:

  • Updates promotions and offers that are being provided by the financial institutions.

  • Connectivity efficient

  • Gives payment details.

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