POC and EOC IP CCTV System

What is POC and EOC IP CCTV system?



POC and EOC IP CCTV camera is a new product in the market. This is a best one- cable solution. It max supports 8 IP cameras and the speciality in this new product is that all of the cameras share one- cable by adding BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connector to the circuit of co-axial cables.

The product is developed using NVR software. This software records video in digital format in storage devices. Mainly NVRs are utilised in IP video surveillance.  

Features of POC and EOC:

POC (Power over coax):

  • The camera uses POC technology. There is only one power adaptor for the NVR and the NVR supplies power to the cameras through single coaxial cable.

  • It is designed in such a way that it overcomes the risk of damage to the power supply in the NVRs and it is also designed for overload protection. If there is thunderbolt or short circuit, the NVR will switch into over current protection state and automatically cuts off the power supply till the circuit gets back to normal. So the main purpose of POC is over current automatic protection.

EOC (Ethernet over coax):

  • EOC IP cameras delivers high-speed internet. It is a medium for power transmission. It has no issues in streaming 4k videos.

  • It provides easy cabling and signal interferences are comparatively very less. CCTV cabling was never so easy, as many cameras use single co axial cable for EOC and POC.

  • Transmits 500m long.

  • Easy to install.

Advantages of the new system:

  • The transmission distance is long up to 300m with a single coaxial cable.

  • No dead spot for installing the camera

  • Built in network switch.

  • Free cloud and free app is being provided with this EOC and POC IP CCTV camera.

  • It is able to record the videos in the nights as well.

  • No dead spot for installing the came"