Legislative Assembly Elections 2024

Brihaspathi Technologies Innovative 4G IP-Based Security Solutions Helped Legislative Assembly Elections Become Successful Around 16 Districts of Telangana Held in 2023-24


About the Project:

In an ambitious venture aimed at fortifying the democratic process, Brihaspathi Technologies is at the forefront of technological innovation with its groundbreaking project: "Innovative 4G IP-Based Security Solutions for the Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections Across 16 Districts in 2023-24."

Recognizing the critical need for robust security measures in the electoral landscape, Brihaspathi Technologies has devised an ultra-solution leveraging 4G technology. This initiative encompasses highly developed surveillance systems, and IP-based access control, collectively forming a comprehensive security framework.

The project not only prioritized real-time monitoring and rapid response but also integrated end-to-end encryption to safeguard sensitive electoral data. By introducing these advanced security measures, Brihaspathi Technologies aimed to redefine the standards for election security, ensuring the integrity and transparency of the democratic process.

Project Overview:

HO (Head Office) Setup:


  • Project Scope and Requirement:

Defined the comprehensive scope and specific requirements for Brihaspathi Technologies' innovative 4G IP-based security solutions. This included outlining the extent of coverage, the number of devices needed, and any custom features necessary to meet the security demands of the Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections across 16 districts.

  • Technical Specifications:

Detailed the technical specifications of the security solutions, specifying the capabilities and features required for seamless operation during the elections. This involved considerations such as 4G connectivity, advanced IP-based functionalities, and other modern technologies to ensure a robust and effective security infrastructure.


  • Project Objectives:

Clearly outlined the overarching objectives of the project, focusing on enhancing security measures for the Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections. The objectives encompassed aspects such as real-time monitoring, rapid response capabilities, and the overall reliability of the 4G IP-based security solutions provided by Brihaspathi Technologies.

  • Project Timeline:

Developed a structured project timeline to ensure a systematic and timely implementation of the security solutions. The timeline included key milestones, deadlines, and checkpoints to track progress and ensure that the innovative technologies were deployed efficiently and effectively across the 16 districts hosting the elections in 2023-24.


  • Connectivity Testing:

Ensured the successful establishment of 4G connectivity, confirming that the camera seamlessly connected to the network. This involved validating the device's ability to maintain a stable and reliable connection to ensure uninterrupted data transmission.

  • Low-Light and Night Vision Performance:

Examined image quality and angle under low-light conditions and during night vision mode post-connection. This step aimed to assess the camera's performance in challenging lighting scenarios, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity in various lighting conditions.

  • Signal Strength and Coverage:

Verified that the SIM card signal strength met the required standards, ensuring a robust and consistent signal for effective data transmission. Additionally, coverage areas were scrutinized to identify and address any potential connectivity gaps, ensuring comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

  • Power:

Checked the camera's proper reception of input power, confirming that it efficiently utilized the provided power source. This step was crucial to guarantee the camera's continuous operation and functionality without any power-related issues.

  • Storage:

Verified the presence of storage solutions, such as memory cards, within the cameras. This ensured that the devices had the necessary capacity to store captured data, facilitating the retrieval of recorded footage for future analysis and reference.

Deployment of CCTV Cameras for Web Casting at Polling Stations:

In a monumental effort to ensure comprehensive coverage and transparency during the Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections, Brihaspathi Technologies has successfully deployed an extensive network of over 20,000 4G IP bullet cameras at polling stations blanket 16 Telangana districts. Brihaspathi's advanced camera network enables live web casting of polling stations, fostering transparency and deterring electoral malpractices across the state. Utilizing 4G IP technology, Brihaspathi's camera system delivers secure, high-resolution footage, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process across Telangana's diverse districts.

Site Survey:

Strategic Camera Placement:

  • Cameras were strategically placed to capture the entire polling station, including voting booths, ballot boxes, and entry/exit points, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Additional cameras were installed to focus on sensitive areas like ballot issue counters, voter verification stations, and complaint desks for enhanced monitoring.
  • Strategically positioned cameras with varying angles ensured capturing facial features, interactions, and potential discrepancies from multiple perspectives.

Coverage of Sensitive Areas:

  • Dedicated cameras were positioned to provide constant high-resolution views of ballot boxes and counting tables, providing irrefutable evidence of vote handling.
  • Close-up footage of voter verification and identification processes offered transparency and minimized potentially fraudulent activities.
  • Live webcasting allowed authorized personnel to remotely observe sensitive areas, deterring misconduct and promoting trust in the electoral process.

Continuous Recording and Secure Storage:

  • Robust cameras recorded continuously throughout polling hours, ensuring capture of every event or interaction within the polling station.
  • The latest data encryption protocols and secure storage infrastructure protected recorded footage from unauthorized access or manipulation.
  • Footage was stored on secure servers with restricted access, maintaining a chain of custody and upholding evidentiary integrity.

Remote Monitoring and System Integration:

  • Live footage from polling stations was accessible to authorized personnel via a secure web platform, enabling remote monitoring and rapid response to any irregularities.
  • A dedicated control center monitored live feeds, identified potential issues, and facilitated communication between remote viewers and polling station officials.
  • The CCTV network seamlessly integrated with existing election management systems, streamlining data and footage access for authorized personnel.

Installation of CCTV Cameras at EVM Strong Rooms:

In the 2023 Telangana Legislative Assembly elections, the fate of democracy rested not just on polling stations and counting rooms, but also on the secure storage of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Brihaspathi Technologies stepped up to safeguard the sanctity of the electoral process by deploying over 1,000+ eagle-eyed 4G IP bullet cameras within EVM strong rooms across 16 districts.

These watchful sentinels served as:

  • The cameras provided 24/7 real-time monitoring of EVM strong rooms, deterring any unauthorized access or attempts at tampering. Every movement, every corner, was under constant electronic guard.
  • The high-resolution footage captured by the cameras served as indisputable proof of the chain of custody, ensuring the integrity of the EVMs from storage to final counting.
  • Authorized officials could remotely access the live feeds from the strong rooms, offering peace of mind and transparency to the public and election officials alike.

Brihaspathi's robust CCTV network played a crucial role in safeguarding the very heart of the electoral process, the EVMs. By keeping a watchful eye on these sensitive locations, Brihaspathi helped ensure that every vote cast was counted fairly and accurately, upholding the democratic ideals of the election.

Installation of TV Monitors at CEO/DEO Office for Viewing Purpose:

As part of this comprehensive initiative, special attention was given to securing the nerve centers of election management— the CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) and DEO (District Electoral Officer) offices. The installation of TV Monitors at these pivotal locations played a crucial role in fortifying the security infrastructure and ensuring the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

The installation process commenced with an assessment of the CEO/DEO office layouts, determining the optimal positions for TV Monitors placement. The goal was to establish a surveillance network that covered key entry points, public areas, and critical operational zones within the offices. This strategic approach aimed to enhance situational awareness and bolster security measures at the heart of the election management

TV Monitors were carefully positioned to provide a comprehensive view of the surroundings, with due consideration given to factors such as blind spots, lighting conditions, and potential security vulnerabilities.

The integration of these TV Monitors added an extra layer of sophistication. This integration facilitated real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling election officials to oversee activities within and around the CEO/DEO offices remotely.


Installation of CCTV Cameras at Counting Rooms:

Brihaspathi Technologies played a crucial role in safeguarding the sanctity of the 2023 Telangana Legislative Assembly elections, extending its expertise to secure vote counting across 16 districts. At the heart of this operation lay the meticulous installation of over 2,000+ 4G IP bullet cameras within counting rooms.

These vigilant eyes provided:

  • Every ballot paper, every movement within the counting rooms, was captured in real-time, offering a panoramic view and indisputable video evidence to address any concerns or discrepancies.
  • Live feeds from the counting rooms were accessible to authorized personnel, fostering greater transparency and public trust in the electoral process.
  • Officials could remotely monitor the proceedings from any location, ensuring swifter response to any irregularities and upholding the integrity of the vote count.

Brihaspathi's CCTV network served as a silent guardian of democracy, ensuring every vote was counted fairly and accurately, and that the will of the people was reflected in the final verdict.

Site Survey:

  • Brihaspathi's experts meticulously assessed the counting rooms across 16 districts, considering lighting, blind spots, and optimal camera placement for comprehensive coverage.
  • Existing infrastructure and potential interference sources were identified to ensure seamless 4G IP connectivity for uninterrupted video transmission.
  • Close collaboration with election officials established precise security requirements and tailor-made CCTV configurations for each counting room.


  • Camera locations were strategically chosen to capture every corner, entry/exit points, ballot boxes, and counting tables, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Reliable power backup systems and secure cable routing plans were devised to ensure continuous operation and prevent tampering.
  • Robust data encryption and secure access protocols were implemented to safeguard video footage from unauthorized access or manipulation.


Over 2000+ 4G IP cameras were installed across Telangana within a tight timeframe, adhering to strict quality and security standards.

A dedicated team monitored the network 24/7, resolving any technical glitches and ensuring uninterrupted footage transmission.

Comprehensive training was provided to election officials on operating the CCTV system and accessing footage, guaranteeing smooth operation.

Challenges Occurred and Solutions Given to Overcome:

  • Technical glitches or connectivity issues were addressed promptly.
  • Contingency plans included redundant connectivity solutions, regular system checks, and a dedicated support team for immediate troubleshooting. This ensured the uninterrupted operation of CCTV cameras at counting rooms, crucial for maintaining the transparency and accuracy of the electoral process.
  • Overcoming connectivity challenges in remote districts through innovative antenna placements and alternative network solutions.
  • Implemented reliable backup power systems to ensure continuous camera operation despite power outages.

Installation of CCTV Cameras at Check Post:

In the 2023 Telangana Legislative Assembly elections, ensuring fair and secure voting extended beyond polling stations and counting rooms. Brihaspathi Technologies played a vital role in safeguarding vulnerable points like check posts across 16 districts, deploying over 500 vigilant 4G IP bullet cameras.

These strategically placed eyes served as:

  • Real-time monitoring of check posts deterred unauthorized entry and movement of illegal materials, preventing attempts to disrupt the electoral process.
  • The cameras captured clear footage of vehicles and individuals passing through, providing valuable evidence in case of any irregularities or security breaches.
  • Remote monitoring of check post activity allowed officials to optimize traffic flow and resource allocation, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation of election materials.

Brihaspathi's comprehensive CCTV network acted as a digital shield, effectively securing Telangana's election check posts and contributing to a peaceful and secure voting experience.

Site Survey:

Brihaspathi Technologies' experts conducted a thorough site survey of key entry and exit points across 16 districts, pinpointing strategic locations for optimal coverage of vehicle movement and personnel activity.

Camera Placement:

  • Utilizing high-resolution 4G IP cameras, Brihaspathi ensured every angle of the check post was covered, including entry lanes, exit lanes, waiting areas, and surrounding perimeters.
  • Special attention was given to capturing clear footage of license plates, employing specialized cameras and angles to facilitate vehicle identification.

Power and Connectivity:

  • Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted footage transmission, Brihaspathi identified dependable power sources for each camera, including backup systems to address potential outages.
  • To ensure robust data transmission even in remote areas, Brihaspathi leveraged its expertise in 4G networks, optimizing antenna placement and utilizing alternative solutions where necessary.

System Integration:

  • Brihaspathi seamlessly integrated the CCTV network with a central server, allowing for real-time monitoring, footage storage, and easy access for authorized personnel.


This involved assessing the geographical and operational characteristics of each check post, determining optimal camera placements, and formulating a comprehensive plan to enhance security measures and monitor activities effectively.


Technical Specifications:

  • 4G IP cameras with excellent night vision and weatherproofing capabilities were chosen for optimal performance under diverse conditions.
  • Robust encryption protocols were implemented to safeguard recorded footage from unauthorized access or manipulation.

Security and Safety Measures:

  • Cameras were housed in weatherproof and tamper-proof enclosures to deter vandalism and physical damage.
  • Access to the CCTV system and stored footage was restricted to authorized personnel with proper credentials.

Installation Plan:

  • The installation process was carefully planned and executed in phases, ensuring minimal disruption to check post operations.
  • A team of highly trained and experienced technicians handled the installation, ensuring proper camera placement, cabling, and system configuration.

Power Supply Setup:

  • Power cables were routed securely and protected from potential damage, ensuring uninterrupted camera operation.
  • Backup power sources, such as solar panels or UPS units, were implemented to guarantee footage recording even during power outages.

Camera Mounting and Positioning:

  • Cameras were mounted at precise angles to maximize coverage and minimize blind spots, providing a clear view of all check post activities.
  • Wiring was concealed for aesthetic purposes and additional security, preventing tampering or accidental damage.

Challenges Occurred and Solutions Given to Overcome:

  • Adverse weather conditions or infrastructure limitations were addressed by incorporating weather-resistant camera housings and ensuring robust connectivity solutions.
  • Brihaspathi Technologies implemented contingency plans to swiftly address any unforeseen issues, including the provision of backup power sources and deploying technical support teams for immediate troubleshooting. This ensured the resilience of the security infrastructure at check posts, contributing to the overall success of the deployment.

Control Room Setup on the Election Day:

  • Control Room Set-up for Webcasting on the Election Day:

Brihaspathi Technologies addressed essential aspects such as internet availability, determining the optimal table or wall mount setup for the monitor, and considering the overall technical requirements.

Moreover, Brihaspathi Technologies assessed the internet speed, particularly in relation to the number of cameras that will be deployed. To avoid buffering issues during critical events like the election day, we enhanced the bandwidth to accommodate the simultaneous display of numerous cameras on the monitor.

In terms of access credentials, each constituency control room allocated a single login credential, and the district headquarters control room received one unique login credential.

Project Outcome:

Summary of Achievements:

In the course of implementing the CCTV project for the elections, several key achievements were realized:

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

The CCTV system provided extensive coverage of polling stations and critical areas, enhancing the overall security and transparency of the electoral process.

  • Real-time Monitoring:

The real-time monitoring capabilities allowed election officials to promptly respond to incidents and ensure the smooth conduct of the elections.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting:

The implemented Management Information System (MIS) facilitated efficient data analysis, anomaly detection, and generation of detailed reports, contributing to informed decision-making.

  • Lessons Learned:

The project provided valuable insights, including: The importance of collaboration between election authorities, IT professionals, and security experts for successful project implementation.