Discovery Oaks International School

Discovery Oaks International School implements Brihaspathi Technologies Security Solution at the Top of its Class

About the Project:

Discovery Oaks International School is a premier educational institution committed to providing a secure and nurturing environment for its students. Situated in Hyderabad, the school emphasizes academic excellence, global learning, and the overall well-being of its students.

Project Overview:

Phase 1 – Technical Demonstration:

In the initial phase, Brihaspathi Technologies conducted a technical demonstration to showcase the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed security solution. The proof-of-concept aimed to align the technology with the school's specific needs, ensuring a strong and modified security system.

Phase 2 – Entire Site Survey and Analysis:

A comprehensive site survey was conducted to analyze the conditions of the school premises. This phase focused on understanding the layout, potential security vulnerabilities, and the best placement for surveillance equipment. The data collected informed the design of a customized security solution.

Phase 3 – Supply and Installation:

With a thorough understanding of the site conditions, Brihaspathi Technologies proceeded to supply, install, commission, and test the security solution. This phase involved the deployment of surveillance cameras, face recognition biometric attendance systems, and an intercom system to create a comprehensive security infrastructure.

Project Objective:

The core objectives of the Discovery Oaks International School Security Project are twofold, emphasizing monitoring and ensuring the safety of students both within and outside the school premises.

  1. Capture the Entire Movement Activities Inside the Campus:

Objective: The primary goal was to implement a surveillance system that comprehensively captures and monitors all movement activities taking place within the school premises.

Rationale: Comprehensive surveillance is essential for maintaining a secure and orderly environment within the school. The ability to monitor movement activities ensures prompt response to any incidents, enhances overall safety, and contributes to the well-being of students and staff.

  1. Ensure Security for Students Inside and Outside the School Premises:

Objective: The project aims to provide a secure environment for students, both inside and outside the school premises, enhancing overall safety.

Rationale: Ensuring the safety of students is a top priority, and this objective encompasses various aspects of security, including physical safety within the school boundaries and during transit to and from the school.

By achieving these objectives, the Discovery Oaks International School Security Project aims to create an environment where students can focus on their education without compromising on safety. The comprehensive approach to monitoring and security measures aligns with the school's commitment to providing an extra-safe and secure educational environment for its students.

Solutions Implemented:

The implementation of the Discovery Oaks International School Security Project involved a comprehensive set of solutions designed to address the specific security objectives of the school.

  1. 85 Units of 3MP IP Dome and Bullet Cameras:

The project focused on strategically deploying a network of high-quality surveillance cameras, including 3MP IP Dome and Bullet Cameras, to cover key areas such as entrances, classrooms, hallways, outdoor spaces, and critical points within the school premises. This ensures that every movement within the campus is captured and can be monitored in real-time.

  1. Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System:

Brihaspathi Technologies implemented a face recognition biometric attendance system to serve the dual purpose of enhancing attendance tracking and provided an additional layer of security for the students and staff so that they can seamlessly register attendance through facial recognition, streamlining administrative processes while ensuring accurate and secure attendance records.

  1. Intercom System:

Brihaspathi Technologies provided an intercom system to facilitate effective communication within the school premises. The intercom system enabled quick and reliable communication between different areas of the school, enhancing coordination among staff members and ensuring timely response to any security-related concerns.


Project Challenges:

The Discovery Oaks International School Security Project encountered specific challenges that required thoughtful solutions to ensure the successful implementation of the security platform.

  1. Working Hours Constraint:

The client requested that all installation and maintenance work be conducted only after the school closes to avoid any disruption to ongoing classes.

  1. Connectivity Issues for Buses:

The school buses lacked internet sources, making it challenging to connect cameras without external support.

Solutions to the Challenges:

Brihaspathi Technologies provided effective solutions for the encountered challenges to address each issue.

  1. After-Hours Work Agreement:

Brihaspathi Technologies accommodated the client's request by scheduling all project activities, including installation, and maintenance work, during the non-operational hours of the school to minimize disruptions. This approach ensured that the security project had minimal impact on the daily school activities and learning environment.

  1. Sim-Based Portable Cameras for Buses:

To address connectivity challenges for school buses, Brihaspathi Technologies installed 45 sim-based portable cameras. These cameras enabled live monitoring inside the buses, even in areas without internet sources. This solution ensured the safety and security of students during transit and provided an additional layer of surveillance for school transport.

Project Outcome:

The implementation of Brihaspathi Technologies' security solution at Discovery Oaks Elementary International School resulted in:

Enhanced Security: The surveillance system and biometric attendance solution contributed to a heightened level of security within the school premises.

Efficient Monitoring: Live monitoring capabilities, including sim-based portable cameras, facilitated real-time oversight of activities inside buses and various areas of the campus.

Client Satisfaction: The successful execution of the project and the client-centric approach led to high satisfaction levels from Discovery Oaks Elementary International School.

By addressing the unique challenges and tailoring the security solution to the specific needs of the school, Brihaspathi Technologies ensured a top-notch security infrastructure for Discovery Oaks Elementary International School.