TS High Court

Brihaspathi Technologies Transforms Telangana State High Court with Innovative Seamless Audio-Visual Integration

Knowing Telangana State High Court:

Telangana State High Court was established following the bifurcation of the combined Andhra Pradesh into the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The High Court of Telangana has jurisdiction over the territorial area of the state of Telangana. It is the highest judicial authority in the state and handles a wide range of civil and criminal matters.

Telangana State High Court collaborated with Brihaspathi Technologies to address challenges and enhance its technological infrastructure, including the integration of OBS Technology and Video Management System software.

About the Project:

The need for real-time technology has been increasing steadily in the legal industry. Brihaspathi Technologies is an Indian technology company that offers software-driven solutions for the legal industry. The Telangana State High Court is one of the most prominent courts in the state of Telangana, India.

Executive Summary:

Brihaspathi Technologies successfully addressed complex audio-visual integration challenges at the Telangana State High Court, enhancing courtroom efficiency and accessibility for judges, lawyers, and the public. By implementing innovative OBS technology and a Video Management System (VMS), Brihaspathi streamlined server room integration, facilitated seamless inter-cable laying, and combined video conferencing and live streaming into a single platform. Additionally, the solution enabled direct communication with prisoners and integrated audio systems for improved clarity in court proceedings.

Challenges Received During the Project:

Brihaspathi Technologies was facing several challenges in integrating technology into its operations:

Server Room Integration and Switches: Despite having 18 dedicated personnel, Brihaspathi Technologies faced challenges in the ground-level implementation of server room integration and switches.

Inter Cable Laying in Old Buildings: Brihaspathi Technologies faced difficulties in laying cables due to the age of the buildings. Moreover, the court requested Brihaspathi Technologies for the nighttime work to avoid disruption to daily court proceedings.

Unified Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Platform: The need for a single platform that seamlessly integrated video conferencing and live streaming, allowing individuals from anywhere in the world i.e. all over India and abroad to join and witness court proceedings.

Direct Communication with Prisoners and Accusers: The court desired a direct communication system solution with prisoners and accusers who couldn't physically attend court sessions.

Integration of Audio Systems: To enhance the understanding of court proceedings, the Telangana State High Court sought an effective audio system solution to improve the clarity of court proceedings.

How Brihaspathi Technologies Helped as a Dedicated Software Marvel?

To address these challenges, Brihaspathi Technologies proposed a comprehensive technology solution:

OBS Technology Implementation: Brihaspathi Technologies introduced the innovative OBS Technology was implemented to provide a unique solution. The Video Management System (VMS) software was applied to merge the separate video conferencing and live streaming into a single, user-friendly platform.

Audio System Integration: Brihaspathi Technologies successfully integrated advanced audio systems, offering crystal-clear and efficient audio solutions during court proceedings to enhance the overall court experience.

Strategic Camera Placement: A total of 35 court halls were equipped with a sophisticated 4MP IP PTZ cameras setup – one Infront of the magistrate, two backsides of the magistrate focusing towards advocate, and general attendees, resulting in a comprehensive coverage of court proceedings.

Outcome of the Project:

The implementation of OBS Technology and the strategic integration of video conferencing, live streaming, and audio systems resulted in a transformative experience of the technological infrastructure for the Telangana State High Court:

Enhanced Vision Through Live Streaming: The unique platform created by Brihaspathi Technologies were met with overwhelming success, facilitated better visibility for anyone interested in court proceedings, ensuring accessibility from all corners of India and abroad.

Efficient Communication with Prisoners: The direct communication channel with prisoners in the shelter room allowed the court to interact seamlessly, even when physical presence was not possible.

Improved Understanding of Proceedings: The integration of audio systems significantly improved the clarity and understanding of court proceedings, benefiting both legal professionals and attendees.

Smooth Implementation Despite Challenges: Despite the difficulties faced in server room integration and cable laying in old buildings, Brihaspathi Technologies successfully navigated the challenges, providing a robust and sustainable solution.

Benefits Observed by Telangana State High Court:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity in court operations.
  • Improved accessibility for judges, lawyers, and the public.
  • Increased transparency and public trust in the judicial system.
  • Cost-effective solution through centralized platform for video conferencing and live streaming.


"Brihaspathi Technologies has been instrumental in transforming our courtroom experience. They provided an innovative solution that addresses our unique challenges and significantly improves efficiency and accessibility." – [Telangana State High Court]