Raichandani Mall

Brihaspathi Technologies IP Camera Solution Help Raichandani Mall Create a Modern Security Experience

Project Overview:

Raichandani Mall is a commercial development located in Brundavan Colony, Kompally, Hyderabad. The project aimed to create a modern and vibrant commercial shopping center catering to the needs of the local community. This case study delves into the project's scope and its execution, highlighting key milestones and achievements.

Project Objective:

Raichandani Commercial Mall recognized the critical need for a robust security and surveillance system to monitor and enhance safety of visitors and shops within the mall premises. Their primary objective was to implement top-end security solutions that could effectively monitor the movements of people and vehicles.

Solutions Implemented:

Brihaspathi Technologies was entrusted with the task of providing comprehensive solutions for Raichandani Mall. The project included the following key solutions:

1. IP Camera Installation: A total of 150 IP 4MP dome and bullet cameras were strategically installed across all seven floors of Raichandani Mall. These cameras were chosen for their high-resolution capabilities, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage.

2. Camera Installation on Each Floor: Brihaspathi Technologies installed a total of 12 cameras on every floor of the mall. These cameras were strategically positioned to provide comprehensive coverage, including common areas, corridors, and access points. Each camera was equipped with advanced features for clear and effective surveillance.

3. Camera Installation on Every Side of the Mall: To ensure complete perimeter security, Brihaspathi Technologies installed four cameras on every side of the mall building. This approach allowed for monitoring of the mall's exterior, including entrances, parking areas, and loading zones.

4. Fiber Network Framework: To connect the cameras on each floor, Brihaspathi Technologies laid fiber cables from PoE (Power over Ethernet) hub to hub. The distance between each PoE hub-to-hub connection was approximately 100 meters on every floor, resulting in a total fiber cable wire laying (OFC) length exceeding 1400 meters.

5. Basement Setup: The complete setup, including Network Video Recorders (NVRs), TVs, and equipment racks, was established in the basement of the mall to centralize and manage the surveillance system efficiently.

Project Challenges:

The project faced the following key challenges:

Number Plate Recognition: The client required specialized number plate recognition cameras to be installed at entry and exit gates to capture the movements of vehicles within the mall premises accurately.

Solutions to the Challenges:

To address these challenges, Brihaspathi Technologies devised the following strategies:

Specialized Number Plate Recognition Cameras: Brihaspathi Technologies provided and installed number plate recognition cameras at the entry and exit gates, ensuring accurate and efficient monitoring of vehicle movements.

Control Room Setup:

The following materials and equipment were utilized to implement the surveillance infrastructure:

  • 80CH NVR and 20CH NVR for comprehensive coverage.
  • 6TB Hard Disk storage solution for recording and archiving video footage.
  • 8 Port PoE Switch, 16 Port PoE with 2 SFP Ports, and 24 Port PoE Managed Switch with SFP Port for connecting and powering PoE-enabled CCTV cameras, with various port configurations for flexibility.
  • Cat6 UTP Cable, 6F OFC Cable, and CAT6 Flat Cable for data transmission and connectivity within the control room setup.
  • SFP Module for high-speed data transmission between devices.
  • 24-Port Patch Panel for organizing and connecting multiple cables in the control room.
  • HDMI Cable for high-quality video and audio transmission, connecting devices like monitors or TVs.
  • 43” LED TV for real-time monitoring of camera feeds and displaying important information.

Project Outcome:

The successful implementation of the security enhancements by Brihaspathi Technologies led to a significant improvement in the overall security posture of Raichandani Mall. The project not only met but exceeded the client's requirements and expectations. The results were as follows:

1. Enhanced Security: The installation of multiple cameras on each floor and around the mall's perimeter ensured that every area was under surveillance. This provided a safer environment for shoppers, tenants, and employees.

2. Effective Monitoring: The centralization of the surveillance system enabled mall security personnel to monitor activities in real-time, respond to incidents promptly, and take preventive measures as needed.

3. Deterrent Effect: The visible presence of surveillance cameras acted as a deterrent to potential unlawful activities, contributing to the overall security of the mall.

The comprehensive surveillance system, including specialized number plate recognition cameras, provided Raichandani Mall with an effective solution to monitor and enhance security within the premises. The centralized setup in the basement allowed for efficient management and monitoring of the entire system.

The collaboration between Raichandani Mall and Brihaspathi Technologies demonstrated the importance of leveraging advanced security and surveillance technologies to ensure the safety of commercial spaces.