Dazn Software

Case Study:

Brihaspathi Technologies Enhances Security at DAZN Software Private Limited with the Help of IP Based High-Definition Dome Cameras

Project Overview:

Project Name: DAZN SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED Security Enhancement Project


Location: Aurobindo Galaxy, Raidurgam, Hyderabad, India

Project Objective:

DAZN Software Private Limited, a Japan-based software company, known for its advanced technology solutions, recognized the critical importance of robust security systems to safeguard its sensitive data and ensure the safety of its employees. The company sought top-end security solutions to enhance the security of its premises.

To ensure the highest level of security within its Hyderabad branch, DAZN Software Private Limited embarked on a project to install advanced CCTV surveillance systems. The project aimed to enhance security measures across the company's work floor, thereby safeguarding valuable assets and personnel.

Project Scope:

The scope of the project involved the installation of an advanced CCTV surveillance system at the office premises. The system was required to meet the following objectives:

  • Monitor and secure the entire work floor.
  • Implement facial recognition and object tracking capabilities using AI features.
  • Provide high-definition video quality for accurate identification and monitoring.

Solutions Implemented:

Brihaspathi Technologies, a trusted technology solutions provider, was engaged to design and deploy a comprehensive security infrastructure to execute the project. Their expertise in security systems and experience with similar installations made them the ideal choice. The project included the following key solutions:

Installation of 64 IP-Based High-Definition Dome Cameras: To ensure comprehensive coverage, Brihaspathi Technologies installed 64 IP-based high-definition dome cameras strategically throughout the work floor. These cameras were carefully positioned to eliminate blind spots and capture clear footage of all critical areas.

Integration of AI Features: The installed CCTV surveillance system featured advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. These AI features included facial recognition and object tracking. Facial recognition allowed for the identification of employees and authorized personnel, enhancing access control and security. Object tracking enabled the system to monitor and record the movement of specific objects, providing an added layer of security.

Remote Monitoring: The CCTV system was integrated with a remote monitoring capability, allowing the security personnel to monitor the premises in real-time from a central control room. This remote monitoring ensured immediate response to any security incidents or breaches.

Project Execution:

The project was executed in multiple phases, including site assessment, system design, installation, and testing. Brihaspathi Technologies worked closely with the IT and security teams of DAZN Software Private Limited to ensure the system met their specific requirements.

During the installation phase, Brihaspathi Technologies meticulously positioned and configured the dome cameras. The AI algorithms for facial recognition and object tracking were fine-tuned to achieve optimal accuracy. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that the system performed flawlessly.

Project Challenges:

The project encountered several challenges:

Work floor Usage: DAZN Software Private Limited operates around the clock with a large workforce. To minimize disruption, the client requested that installation work be carried out during nighttime hours.

Data Security: Given the confidential nature of the data and internal files, the client had stringent requirements to ensure the security of the CCTV data. They sought a solution that would prevent any third-party access to sensitive information.

Solutions to the Challenges:

To overcome these challenges, Brihaspathi Technologies devised the following strategies:

Nighttime Deployment: The installation team worked diligently during nighttime hours to minimize disruption to the client's operations. This approach ensured that regular business activities continued without interruption.

Enhanced Data Security: Brihaspathi Technologies implemented a two-layer security system to protect the CCTV data. This solution ensured that only authorized personnel within the organization could access and retrieve the recorded footage, significantly enhancing data security.

Materials Used for the Project:

The following materials and equipment were used to implement the security infrastructure:

  • 4MP IP Dome Cameras
  • 4MP IP Bullet Cameras
  • 64ch NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Surveillance HDDs (8TB x 4)
  • CAT6 Cabling (305m Bundle)
  • 24 Port Patch Panel
  • 24 Port POE Gigabit Switch
  • CAT6 Patch Cords
  • Ceiling Mount Stands with PVC Boxes (4 Feet)
  • RJ45 Jacks
  • CAT6 Cable Laying Charges
  • CAT6 Patch Cords (5MTRS)
  • Media Converters Pairs
  • SC-SC Patch Cords (5MTRS)
  • OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) Cable (16 4F)
  • Termination Box
  • 55" LED Display
  • HDMI Cable (5MTRS)

Project Outcome:

The implementation of the CCTV surveillance system provided DAZN Software Private Limited with the following benefits:

Enhanced Security: The comprehensive coverage and AI features significantly improved the overall security of the premises. Unauthorized access and suspicious activities could be promptly detected and addressed.

Facial Recognition: The facial recognition features simplified access control and attendance tracking, enhancing the company's operational efficiency.

Object Tracking: The system's ability to track specific objects added an extra layer of protection against theft or tampering with valuable assets.

Remote Monitoring: Real-time remote monitoring allowed for quick response to any security incidents, ensuring the safety of employees and assets.

High-Quality Video: The high-definition video quality provided clear and detailed footage, aiding in investigations and incident resolution.

The project's successful execution and deployment of the enhanced security infrastructure left the DAZN Software Private Limited team highly satisfied. The project was completed on schedule, and the security measures put in place ensured the safety of the premises, employees, and the confidentiality of critical data.

The collaboration between DAZN Software Private Limited and Brihaspathi Technologies demonstrated the importance of leveraging cutting-edge security solutions to address the unique challenges faced by organizations in safeguarding their assets and data.