Telangana High Court

Use Case: Brihaspathi Technologies Unique Solution for Telangana High Court Live Streaming and all its Proceedings on the Internet with the help of IP PTZ and IP Dome Cameras to Enhance Transparency

Client: The High Court of Telangana, Hyderabad



The High Court of Telangana, located in Hyderabad, aims to enhance transparency, accessibility, and public engagement by live streaming its courtroom proceedings. To achieve this, they plan to install a network of CCTV cameras within the courtrooms, and other relevant areas.



  • Enhance transparency and openness in court proceedings.
  • Provide the public, legal professionals, and media with real-time access to courtroom activities.
  • Improve security and monitoring within the court premises.



The High Court of Telangana, based in Hyderabad, faced the need to modernize its operations, improve transparency, and provide public access to courtroom proceedings. They sought a secure and reliable solution for live streaming courtroom activities while ensuring privacy and compliance with legal requirements.

Solutions by Brihaspathi Technologies:

To address the above challenge, Brihaspathi Technologies provided a unique and comprehensive solution for installing 103 CCTV cameras (68 nos. of 4MP IP PTZ Cameras and 35nos. of IP Dome Cameras) and enabling live streaming within its premises.

1. Needs Assessment:

Brihaspathi Technologies initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the High Court's requirements, taking into account privacy concerns, technological infrastructure, and budget constraints.

2. Customized CCTV Camera Installation:

Brihaspathi Technologies designed a tailored CCTV camera installation plan that addressed the unique needs of the High Court:

  • Camera Selection: The team selected high-definition cameras with IP Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and IP Dome capabilities to cover courtrooms for flexible coverage.
  • Privacy Measures: Cameras were strategically placed to avoid capturing sensitive discussions or private interactions, ensuring compliance with legal privacy requirements.
  • Redundancy: Redundant camera systems were deployed to prevent any downtime or data loss during live streaming.


3. Control Room Setup:

An advanced control room was established with advanced monitoring and management capabilities within the High Court premises. Brihaspathi Technologies provided the following components:

  • CCTV Monitoring Stations: Monitors were installed for real-time surveillance of camera feeds.
  • Network Infrastructure: High-speed, secure networks were set up to ensure seamless data transmission from cameras to the control room.
  • Personnel Training: Brihaspathi Technologies conducted training sessions for High Court personnel responsible for monitoring and managing the CCTV system.

4. Secure Live Streaming Platform:


Brihaspathi Technologies developed a secure and user-friendly live streaming platform that met the court's specific needs. The platform featured encryption protocols to ensure data security and user privacy:

  • Streaming Server: A dedicated server was established to handle the live stream and recordings.
  • Recording and Archiving: The platform allowed for the archiving of courtroom sessions for later retrieval and review.

5. Accessibility and User Experience:

Brihaspathi Technologies made the live stream accessible to the public, legal professionals, and media through a secure web portal.

6. Privacy and Security Measures:

Brihaspathi Technologies provided strict privacy guidelines adhered to, ensuring that only public areas and courtroom proceedings are broadcasted.

Sensitive or confidential discussions will be excluded from the live stream.


7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

Brihaspathi Technologies provided continuous technical support and maintenance to ensure the CCTV system's smooth operation, promptly addressing any issues or upgrades required.

8. Compliance and Legal Considerations:


Brihaspathi Technologies assisted the High Court in ensuring that the live streaming solution complied with all legal and regulatory requirements.

9. Seamless Integration:

Brihaspathi Technologies ensured seamless integration with the High Court's existing infrastructure and IT systems.

The live streaming solution was designed to be scalable and adaptable to future needs.

Outcome of The Project:

The unique solution provided by Brihaspathi Technologies enabled the High Court of Telangana, Hyderabad, to achieve its objectives:

  • Transparency in court proceedings were significantly enhanced.
  • Real-time access to courtroom activities became readily available.
  • The highest levels of security and privacy were maintained within the court premises.
  • Positive feedback from the legal community, media, and the public regarding the accessibility of court proceedings.


Brihaspathi Technologies innovative approach and expertise in CCTV camera installation and live streaming technology successfully met the High Court's unique needs, ensuring a transparent judicial system in Hyderabad, Telangana.