Divya Shakti Apartments

How Brihaspathi Technologies Completed the CCTV Installation Project in Divya Shakti Apartments with the Help of Dome Cameras at Ameerpet



About The Project:

Divya Shakti Apartments is a residential complex of AMD Quarters located in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. The complex consisting of 7 floors has around 2 apartments. Divya Shakti apartments were facing the issues in terms of monitoring of the apartment complex, covering 1 area that is monitoring CCTV Cameras, inside the lift.

Challenges Received:

As part of the comprehensive strategy, Divya Shakti Apartment aimed to outfit every lift with CCTV cameras, leveraging the latest-generation technology. Their primary objective was to procure cameras capable of delivering unparalleled clarity in video imaging, ensuring crystal-clear, high-definition footage. An essential requirement was the ability to maintain exceptional image quality even in the most challenging low-light scenarios, guaranteeing uncompromised surveillance capabilities throughout the premises.

To ensure the safety of the residents, the apartment owner sought to install CCTV cameras into the premises of lifts. However, installing a wired connection would require the workers to enter the lift shafts which is highly dangerous due to the narrow interior of the shafts.

This was a huge challenge to Brihaspathi Technologies as the clients had certain requirements like the camera must be able to work inside the lift shafts, one radio signal router position must be at the ground level and another one should be below the lift position.

The Solution:

Brihaspathi Technologies was contacted and a consultation was held to discuss the requirements. After a survey of the lifts, experts from Brihaspathi determined that a wireless connection would be the best and safest option due to the confined area.

The recommendation made was to install two wireless radio signal routers (2Nos per each camera) - one radio signal router would be placed in the ground level and one other router would be placed within the lift shaft, below the lift to ensure there is no interference.

After conducting a thorough evaluation of the available options, Brihaspathi Technologies made the strategic decision to implement CCTV cameras at Divya Shakti Apartments. The chosen cameras employ cutting-edge technology, utilizing large-aperture lenses to optimize the utilization of natural light. This innovative feature enables the cameras to capture high-definition (4MP) video footage in vibrant full-color, ensuring exceptional image quality even in low-light conditions, including night mode surveillance.

Brihaspathi Technologies provided the following products to fulfill Divya Shakti Apartment's requirements:

  • 4MP IP Dome camera
  • 8 Channel PoE Switch
  • 8 Channel NVR
  • TP Link Wireless Radio
  • D-Link Cat 6
  • Dell LED Backlit Monitor
  • Cyber Power Online UPS



Benefits of Cameras:

IP dome cameras provide high-resolution video footage, typically in HD or even 4K resolution. This allows for clear and detailed images, enabling better identification of objects, individuals, or events captured by the camera.

IP dome cameras are designed to be rugged and vandal-resistant. The dome-shaped casing protects the camera from physical damage, and many models come with features like impact-resistant housings and tamper-proof screws, making them suitable for outdoor and high-risk environments.

IP dome cameras come with a variety of mounting options. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or poles, allowing for flexible installation and positioning. This versatility makes them suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Many IP dome cameras offer pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality, allowing for remote control of the camera's movement. This feature enables operators to adjust the camera's field of view, pan and tilt to track objects or events, and zoom in for detailed examination, providing enhanced monitoring capabilities.

IP dome cameras come equipped with advanced features like built-in infrared (IR) illuminators up to 30m IR distance for night vision, wide dynamic range (WDR) for capturing clear images in challenging lighting conditions, and intelligent video analytics for motion detection, object recognition, and more.

Outcome of the Project:

Brihaspathi Technologies successfully completed the wireless CCTV installation in 2 days with a manpower of 4 persons. The project was delivered on time and within budget. The residents of Divya Shakti apartments were satisfied with the installation of the wireless CCTV cameras and felt at ease knowing that the premises were much safer and had better security.