Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women

Brihaspathi Technologies pioneers a new era in establishing greatly safe and secure academic institutions.

Brihaspathi Technologies is focused on creating safe and secure campuses with an offer of latest, innovative, reliable and custom CCTV surveillance systems. We specialize in offering CCTV surveillance equipment to different categories of businesses in the public and private sector. Our unique differentiators include proven technical capabilities to offer scalable CCTV surveillance systems, and expertise in offering end-to-end supply of CCTV surveillance equipment. We serve both the public and private businesses as per their safety and security needs.

Installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems at reputed academic institutions has been a focused and specialized activity at Brihaspathi Technologies. With a number of academic institutions to our credit, the most recent project has been the end-to-end installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems at Satavahana University. Taking this momentum forward, we have installed the state of art surveillance equipment at Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women. This project represents a unique and wonderful association with a leading and renowned College for Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad.

Installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras at Stanley College included 56 IP Cameras, and 2 PTZ cameras. The CCTV surveillance system was meant to provide a strategic and greatly extensive coverage of the college campus. CCTV cameras were installed at the all the 5 corridors, play ground, security gate, parking, canteen, hostel corridors, and the main entrance of the college. Latest surveillance systems and technology was utilized for this purpose. The latest surveillance equipment used included 64 channel NVR, 8TB HDD, Cat 6 cable, and 8 port POE switches.

Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad’ collaboration with Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women has established an innovative benchmark for safe and secure campuses. If identifying the campus needs for security and surveillance was one challenge, offering the right and custom CCTV surveillance system was another. Established in 2008, Stanley College has a rich legacy of highest academic standards with all-round development of each student’s personality. Brihaspathi Technologies is a market leader for the last two decades in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam and Hyderabad with scores of clients in almost every category of business.