Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd,

SITARAM SPINNERS - Brihaspathi Technologies pioneers an innovative difference in CCTV Surveillance space


Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad pioneers never-before and innovative CCTV technologies. We make public and private spaces more secure and secure with the right CCTV surveillance systems. This we do with an end to end support on the installation and management of reliable, latest and competitively priced CCTV surveillance equipment. True to the saying, innovation at Brihaspathi Technologies means to take existing things and customizing them together in a new way to serve the immediate and long-term safety and security needs of clients’ infrastructure.


Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd is a leader in the production of highest quality and globally renowned yarn. For the last one decade, the company has established new and innovative benchmarks in the production and distribution of yarn in India. It is indeed a privilege for us to collaborate with Sitaram Spinners in their focused efforts at making their yarn production centers greatly safe and secure for workers and maintenance personnel. Brihaspathi Technologies offered a quality, innovative and apt CCTV surveillance system to this company.


The safety and security solution included the installation of 54 IP Cameras, and enabled by 64 Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). This network system provides flexible, reliable and high-resolution recording of potential security threats. At the surveillance monitoring centre there are 2 displays. The whole of CCTV surveillance system is enabled by a multimode OFC Cable. All the 54 IP cameras were installed at strategic locations of the industrial unit that includes entry, exit, production centre, stores, transport etc.


The safety and security requirement of Sitaram Spinners included keeping track of the suspicious movements, of unwelcome guests; keeping watch on all visitor movement within, and outside the industry complex; keeping a watch on the officials dealing with transport and cash transactions; and monitoring the work of the workers and staff within the production unit. All these safety and security requirements were totally met by our innovative and reliable CCTV surveillance systems


Brihaspathi Technologies offers reliable, durable, and high quality CCTV cameras for homes and businesses in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are recognized as the leading CCTV camera suppliers in Hyderabad and India. Our list of clients include all the prestigious banks, public and private insurance businesses, steel industries, etc. In the recent times, we have accomplished some of the most prestigious projects that include installation of security surveillance and CCTV cameras at the Andhra Pradesh Election Commission office, YSR Healthcare Trust, Assam Government’s offices and the Kaziranga National Park.