Samashti International School

The education sector in India has witnessed revolutionary changes. The transformation of each child into a responsible global citizen has been the main area of focus of all schools, across India. However, only a few have achieved real success in this direction. Samashti International Schools with its CBSE curriculum turns every child into a responsible Global Citizens by adhering through its proven Panchmukhi Shiksha or 5Es. This international school offers holistic education with focus on 5Es of Engage, Explore, Elaborate, Encourage, and Evaluate.

Brihasathi Technologies, a leader in the sales, supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems collaborates with Samashti International School. The primary objective of this collaboration is to user a greatly safe and secure school campus at Hyderabad. The unparalleled name and reputation earned by Brihaspathi Technologies over two decades and scores of CCTV surveillance projects were taken into consideration. The safety and security of the school’s campus was preserved with focus on the inward and outward movement of vehicles.

The team of experts from Brihaspathi Technologies offered the most innovative, and state of art safety and surveillance systems. This included the inclusion of the installation of 2 boom barriers at the entry and exit gates of the school. Latest technology deployed included the use of UHF tags for all vehicles that allowed for seamless and automatic opening of the boom. The use of the latest and innovative UHF tags meant lesser manual supervision and greater automation of vehicular movements in and out of the school campus.