Godrej Agrovit

Brihaspathi Technologies makes India's agro and veterinary sector vibrant and exponential.


Brihaspathi Technologies contributes phenomenally to make India Inc safe, secure and progressive. In the times when the industry in India is rediscovering its business strategies to face daunting global challenges, the need to ensure a safe and secure working place demands priority. In this direction is Brihaspathi Technologies’ offer of reliable, innovative, custom and full-scale CCTV surveillance systems. As the leading supplier of safety and surveillance systems in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam and Hyderabad, Brihaspathi Technologies emerges as the most endearing and professionally managed company in India.


Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad collaborates with scores of public agencies, and private businesses to offer end-to-end and affordable safety and surveillance systems. We have more than two decades of expertise in the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems. In the recent times, some of our prestigious clients include, Assam Election Commission, Satavahana University, Raj Bhavan Hyderabad, NTTPS Vijayawada, Vizag Steel Plant, Divi's Laboratories, Sitaram Spinners, ProConnect and others. Our sole objective while working with all our clients is to offer complete and innovative CCTV surveillance infrastructure. Thereby, we aim to make public and private spaces free of crime and encroachments.


At Godrej agrovit, Brihaspathi Technologies installed innovative and latest CCTV surveillance cameras. CCTV cameras were installed at the main entrance, all around the building, and the machinery area. In total, One PTZ Camera, 3 Hikivision 6MP IP Bullet Cameras and 6 Hikivision 6MP IP Dome Cameras had to be installed to offer strategic and extensive coverage of the client's location. The entire CCTV surveillance system was made highly efficient with the use of  latest technology that included state of art equipment like one Hikivision 16 CH NVR, One 10 Port POE Switch, 4 TB Hard Disk, 6 TB Hard Disk and 3 Cat 6 Cable.


Godrej agrovet is a leader in the production and distribution of animal feed, aqua feed and crop protection in India. The parent company Godrej is a 124 years old business. Of significance is the rich legacy and industrial connect Godrej brings from India's Swadeshi movement to today' Make in India momentum. Brihaspathi Technologies is pioneered by a team of young and dynamic business professionals who are totally focused on making India’ Inc safe and secure with an offer of innovative and affordable CCTV surveillance systems. The collaboration between the legacy-rich Godrej and the dynamic innovative business like Brihaspathi Technologies represents the emergence of lively, robust and vibrant India.