Dr. NTTPS Vijayawada

Taking Surveillance to the next level of excellence at Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) Vijayawada

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it is about what you inspire others to do. This truly applies to Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad that has established resounding benchmarks in safety and surveillance of public offices and private places. With scores of satisfied clients to cherish, Brihaspathi Technologies has earned the recognition as the most innovative and most reliable surveillance systems provider in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

The innovative and recognizable surveillance systems project at Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) in Vijayawada echoes Brihaspathi Technologies’ focus, acumen and right technical capabilities. NTTPS also known as Vijayawada Thermal Power Plant was developed under 4 stages, with power production starting from 1979. This power plant continues to grow, and has achieved many awards for its highest plant load factor. Dr. Narla Tata Rao was the erstwhile chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Electricity board. This power plant, which is one of the coal-based power plants of APGENCO, was named after Dr Narla Tata Rao.

Remarkably, Brihaspathi Technologies was chosen for enhancing and strengthening the surveillance systems at NTTPS which is spread over 237.7 acre of land. A lot of planning and coordination initiatives had to be taken by the technical experts on either side, before this surveillance systems project could be realized. With a mature and meticulous approach, the power plant, stores, transport, mess, admin block, parking and ground area were provided with powerful, reliable and innovative CCTV systems. Highest quality CCTV systems of DLink make were installed. These include 30 varifocal bullet cameras (4 mp), and 32 bullet cameras (4 mp). The maintenance and control room was also equipped with a 42 rack, and Samsung Led TV 32'.

The technical and innovative collaboration between NTTPS and Brihaspathi Technologies aims to make power production and distribution greatly safe and reliable. Brihaspathi Technologies’ destined objective to provide a reliable and innovative surveillance system at all businesses and industries was wholly realized at NTTPS. This project definitely marks a new beginning in the focus of Andhra Pradesh State to create industrial infrastructure of an international standard, with an assurance on complete protection of the environment, happy and healthy life of the employees, and the people living in neighbouring villages.