An indigenous Product " COVIPRO ".

Incredible, Innovative & Impactful: COVIPRO, the multifunctional COVID-19 Preventive System.

For a healthy life, prevention is always better than cure. However, prevention can be made possible only by the right knowledge and awareness of the ailment. COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) pandemic has come as an unparalleled curse of this century. This virus spread within no time, and spared no human, region, nation and the world. The focused efforts of humans to quell this pandemic were met with mass vaccination programs on a global scale. However, the importance of prevention and awareness was found to precede efforts at treating those affected by Corona Virus.

In the direction of preventing the spread of COVID-19, scientists and technocrats has had their remarkable contributions, globally. Brihaspathi Technologies' Hyderabad, the pioneer in installation and maintenance of surveillance systems in India has launched its flagship COVID prevention product, COVIPRO. This indigenous, innovative and reliable technology product offers a complete multifunctional COVID preventive system. COVIPRO prevents the spread of the virus by timely checking of each individual's temperature, dispenses mist sanitizer, and provides for contactless UV disinfection of cell phones, office files, lap-tops and all other items of everyday use.

COVIPRO also works as an information kiosk that is enabled by on a cloud based platform. This device capably allows institutions, offices and businesses to track the number of visitors, records normal and abnormal temperatures of individuals, and sends updates to the central control room. Significantly, the photograph and temperature of each individual/ visitor is recorded and reported in real-time. This helps the COVID-19 supervising team to act and separate all individuals with symptoms of COVID-19, and refer them for further testing.

COVIPRO offers a holistic solution and stops the spread of COVID-19. It is indispensible for corporate offices, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. Significantly, by separating the infected from the non-infected COVIPRO helps organizations to optimize their health and safety protocols, and creates a healthy, happy and productive environment. COVIPRO is already in use in public and private sector. COVIPRO was successfully installed at Telangana State Assembly & Council, Telangana Roads & Buildings Department, Telangana DIG and Hyderabad Commissioner Offices, Telangana Secretariat, and Gymkhana Grounds Secunderabad. With the corporate, COVIPRO has a vibrant presence at ARCUTHERM Pvt Ltd, and The India Cements Ltd.

With 50+ COVIPRO devices already installed, Brihaspathi Technologies has the capability and capacity to produce 400 COVIPRO devices per day. Significantly, this device utilizes the regular 230 volt AC power. The 18.5" LED monitor not only displays important information, but also allows for on-screen advertisements. When this device is not utilized for COVID prevention checks, it can be used for on-screen display of advertisements, and for running COVID awareness programs. This is truly remarkable, and Brihaspathi Technologies deserves a huge commendation for innovating and launching the first-ever and all-in-one COVID prevention device in India.

Brihaspathi Technologies plans to offer its innovative and totally Make in India COVIPRO, the COVID prevention device to metro stations, railway stations, public and private offices. With each COVIPRO device priced at only 45000 INR (negotiable), offices and business establishments across India can now achieve total prevention of COVID. And, with an ambitious target to install 10,000 devices in the next 100 days, Brihaspathi Technologies marches ahead as the most cherishable and endearing Make in India Company.