CCTV at Satavahana University

Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad is a leader in the installation and maintenance of all varieties of CCTV makes and brands. The company is an authorized supplier and distributor of national and international brands of safety and surveillance systems in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

With impactful and major CCTV installation projects to its credit in both public and private sector, Brihaspathi Technologies ushers a new wave of innovative and state-of-art surveillance systems across the universities of Telangana. The prestigious and benchmark CCTV installation and maintenance project at Satavahana University, Karimnagar, Telangana means a thumping and resounding start in this direction.

Satavahana University owes its origins to the erstwhile Post Graduate Centre of Osmania and Kakatiya Universities. In June 2008, this Post Graduate centre based near Karimnagar, Telangana has been statuted into Satavahana University. The name Satavahana comes from the great rules of South India, Satavahanas who ruled this region in the ancient times. Satavahana University symbolizes and upholds the rich culture, values and knowledge of those great rulers.

There seems to be a great, inordinate and historic mooring between the name Satavahana and Brihaspathi (the Guru of all Devatas). Significantly, when Brihaspathi Technologies embarked on carrying out the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems across the Satavahana campus, it signified the invigorated flow of knowledge, protection and blissful charm of Brihaspathi into the Satavahana region.

All across the sprawling University campus that has a beautiful forest-like environment and idyllic surroundings, CCTV surveillance systems were installed. The surveillance system included a total of 47 cameras (10 bullet, 35 dome and 2 PTZ cameras). The safety and security of the University campus was totally preserved through IP and Optical Fibre Cable enabled CCTV surveillance technology. Extensive surveillance coverage was provided with CCTVs installed at Admin Block, Science Block, Library, Boys Hostel, MBA Block, Examination Section, and the Arts and Social Science Block.

Importantly, the Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad’ CCTV surveillance project at the main campus of Satavahana University brings to fruition the dreams and focused efforts of the region's leaders and people for a full-fledged university with international standards. Brihaspathi Technologies considers this occasion as a gifted and momentous occasion, fit for a celebration and a benchmark surveillance project for all times.