Wireless city surveillance using radio technology

Brihaspathi’ Solution

Brihaspathi Technologies has rich and valuable expertise in offering end-to-end CCTV Surveillance solutions. We have leveraged on the powerful Wireless Radio Frequency Technology, which is an advanced solution for establishing security and surveillance system. The Wireless Radio uses 5.8GHz or 5800 Mz Frequency for establishing wireless spectrum across the city. The Wireless Radio antennas are placed across the city for creating the wireless network. Each Wireless Radio can cover a distance of 500mts to 50kms.

Our CCTV surveillance solution included setting up of 120 CC cameras. Of these 20 were PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras and 100 Infrared (IR) Bullet Cameras. All the 120 cameras can be viewed from the Central Monitoring System. There are number of Central Monitoring Stations at different locations. Each Monitoring Station will have multilevel data storage to prevent external threats. Each Monitoring System will have 30 days of backup at any point of time. All the backup video will be stored in san server and Network video recorder.

Key Benefits

Brihaspathi’s Wireless Radio Technology enabled CCTVs