Web Design

At Brihaspathi Technologies, we understand that, web design has come a long way. Starting from static web pages, it grew to become dynamic, later to emerge into advanced CMS sites. Now, with the growth in the smart phones and tablet PCs, the momentum is towards designing of responsive websites.

In two decades, we have kept pace with the momentum of web design with an offer of compelling designs, and business specific templates. We have moved businesses from static web pages to dynamic ecommerce pages. Now the movement is to take businesses from the predominance of desktop to mobile and smart interfaces that mean to realize the benefits of mcommerce for greater accessibility and visibility online.

Our website designing process follows a definite methodology:

  1. Get a gainful understanding of the business and competition
  2. First develop a strategic plan and design the site accordingly
  3. Decide on the crucial design elements that contribute to visual appeal as well as optimization fo the website
  4. Depending on the nature of your business the web pages need to be developed as HTML, Flash or ecommerce site

Our maturity in web design services presents a unique blend of publishing, user interface design (UID) and technology. We understand that, we aren't just designing a website, but giving an enthralling and memorable experience to the viewers and visitors of your website.

Web design, outwardly may mean something which is visually appealing. However, we consider that, a website's design echoes the thought process of the designer, and the universal appeal it means to convey by choice of colours, font, layout and arrangement of different design elements.

Basically, our web design approach aims to achieve two things: A website should not only attract users, but also help in interacting with them. So, when we design websites, we focus equally on elements that further attraction and interaction.

Brihaspathi Technologies web designing services presents four prominent features:

Professional designing: Our team has rich and proven experience in designing appealing and interactive websites. We custom develop websites based on each business' needs and competition.

Great Look and Sensitive Feel: Great look and feel of a website creates a memorable impression on all the website visitors.

Latest Design Trends: By taking into consideration the web expectations of 2.0 and 3.0, we offer custom web design services. If creativity is the key to successful web design, it is innovative technology that helps in promoting interactivity between the web elements and users.

Website Re-Designing

If you are searching for a website redesign company that will help in driving value through matching images, more traffic, high rankings and leads and phenomenal sales, you have reached the right place.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers your business an enhanced online experience with as assurance on rich images, more website traffic, and more leads and sales. Our website redesign strategy is based on your marketing perspective, and business goals.

Before we embark on your website redesign, we understand and match your business goals with customer needs. Our website Redesign strategy focuses on,

Our website redesigning services have helped clients to witness dramatic boost in their conversion rates, leads and sales. As we understand, the success of an online business majorly depends on a clear content strategy or compelling marketing message. So, the website design should uphold and market your marketing message, not just simply present a pretty picture of your business.

Our website redesign services help each business to define and clarify on their online business marketing goals. The four features of our website redesign process are,

Strategy: First we create a plan that syncs our experience with your needs. Later, we implement the plan for complete online success of your website.

Marketing: We leverage on proven and custom digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, increase leads and generate business.

Creative: Each business website should present the look, feel and flavour of its domain. Through custom website redesign process, we realize for businesses complete value for money.

Interactivity: Customers keep visiting websites that allow for interaction and interactivity. Our focus on interactive design elements endears your website to users across computers, tablets and phones. Ecommerce. Mobile Apps. Content Management System, and Content Development.

The impact of our website re-design strategy is seen as, increase in the sales of your products and services, extension of your business to new geographies, and new customers with potential for repeat business from them. Through custom re-design process, we help in enhancing the brand image and brand value of your business. This we achieve by adhering to standards of quality design and branding.

Our endeavours are to impart ease of use and provide for flexibility to each client from each web redesign service. This we ensure, by leveraging on platforms that allow businesses to achieve instant creation, updating and publishing of content.