Intrusion Alarms

Brihaspathi Technologies helps families, communities and businesses to protect their valuable assets from all sorts of intrusions. We help you in building an effective security system that matches your need and budget.

We offer end-to-end support on intrusion alarm systems. We have intrusion alarm products that meet in total the security needs of small commercial systems, multi-tenanted building systems, and outdoor restricted area protection systems.

Our innovative intrusion alarm systems come with complete interactive functions. Each intrusion alarm system helps in deterring intruders, sounding an alarm, and reporting to a monitoring station.

Features of Intrusion Alarm Systems:

Our Intrusion Alarm Systems suit utilities, oil & gas industries, airfields and other outdoor restricted access sites where security breaches may be detected. Some of the Intrusion Alarm Systems feature scanning lasers that can track and record intruders movements with an accuracy of millimeters. Any breach of the Alarm Systems' perimeter is notified immediately.

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