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Aadhaar Based Biometric

Aadhaar Based Biometric Datamini

Finger Print Scanner Specification:

  • Fingerprint scanning window is 15.24×20.32mm
  • Image Resolution is 300×400 pixel, 500DPI
  • Image format is 8 bit 256 grayscale
  • Raw fingerprint image file size is 150K byte
  • Operation temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius
  • FBI PIV.071006 & Mobile Support
  • ID FAP 20, INCIT5378, Bio API, ISO / IEC1974-2 Support
  • ISO/IEC1979-4 Support
  • Compliance : FCC, CE, RoHS, F2PS201 (HSPD-12)
  • STQC Certified Scanner to meet Technical Specifications as defined by UIDAI

Mobile Smart & Magnetic Card Reader with Pinpad Feature

  • Manual-insertion type reader
  • ISO7811 Certified Magnetic Reader
  • ISO7816 Certified Smart Card Reader
  • EMV L1/EMV L2 certificated
  • 16 key pad made of high quality & long life silica gel
  • Support DES/3DES/AES/DUKPT encryption

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