Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are installed in offices, public transport facilities and business establishments. Metal detectors come as fixed and portable versions. Both serve one common purpose: To keep a check on people carrying firearms, and other metallic objects that may cause damage to the premises, and put other people's lives in danger.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers a range of metal detectors like Gold Metal detectors price, Metal detectors hand held and door frame metal detectorsand security solutions to small, medium and large businesses. We understand the security needs of different verticals - retail businesses, banks, VIP meetings and public gatherings where the number of people visiting the place pose a challenge to the security personnel, and makes it difficult to frisk each one for potentially harmful metallic products.

Our metal products are easy to use and flexible to be adapted and customized as per the safety needs of the client. Based on internationally recognized technology of pulse induction system, each metal detector helps in finding metal objects hidden by the individual person entering the premises.

Brihaspathi Technologies follows a meticulous process in understanding the safety needs of the clients, and thereby suggests the metal detector that suits the client. We advice and counsel our clients and customers of the array of metal detector products available with us, and detail on the benefits of each metal detecting device.

Brihaspathi Technologies has proven knowledge, experience, and reliable products to meet your security needs. Our advisory and consulting services takes us to the next level of safety and security checks. We have brought all the popular metal detecting products under one-roof. Each metal detector product gives an immediate practical solution for security checkpoint installation.

The following metal detectors are available with us include,

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