Website Maintanance

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients in achieving simple to complex website maintenance activities. We help you to focus on your core work and outsource your website maintenance to us. Our dedicated web maintenance team helps you with design, development, implementation, and testing updates of any size at your site.

Web updates are done on a day-to-day basis, few others are done on periodical basis, and few others are of immediate/urgent nature. Our portfolio of web maintenance services include,

Website maintenance is a continuous activity, may it be uploading images or update of functionalities. Finally, the purpose of keeping the website fresh and updated has to be served. A vital point, website maintenance also helps to keep your website in the forefront of search listings, and stand apart from the competitor sites.

We offer website maintenance on a short-term and long-term basis. Usually, a website maintenance contract lasts for one year (date to date). However, clients can opt for the monthly maintenance package, where the charges are based on the size of the website, and complexity of functionalities that are to be maintained.

As per the website maintenance contract, we allow for redesigning web pages, adding, deleting and editing graphics on the web pages. If new pages need to be added to the existing website, charges will apply. Website maintenance calls for sustained relationships and long-term collaborative partnerships.

Main functions of our website maintenance team include,