Kurnool City Surveillance using Wireless Radio Technology

Brihaspathi Technologies helps Kurnool Municipal Corporation to create City Surveillance using Wireless Radio Technology.

In this regard, 120 cameras were installed at 30 junction points of Kurnool City. The Centralized IP Based CCTV Surveillance based on Radio Technology will help the Kurnool Municipal Corporation as well as the Police Department to control traffic and keep a check on criminal activities, pick pocketing, chain snatching, and prevention of accidents, achieve greater public safety measures, and optimize the utilization of all resources.

The Customer

Kurnool Municipal Corporation, formed in 1994, has jurisdiction over 49.73 sq.kms. The Kurnool Municipal Corporation introduced a number of reforms in power (solar power and power saving), education (Special study hours and food facilities in schools), property and water taxation, private tractor- contractor registrations, and city surveillance (installation of surveillance cameras).

Business Scenario

With Kurnool city emerging as the primary hub for agricultural and industrial development, the focus of Kurnool Municipal Corporation has been on enhancing the quality of life and turning the place into a smart city. With the growth of the population, and increase in the number of visitors to the city, for tourism and business there created a need for greater security and surveillance. The Kurnool Municipal Corporation installed CCTVs at 30 locations in the city to keep a watch on criminal activities and to stop untoward incidents from happening in the city.

Why Brihaspathi Technologies?

Brihaspathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an IT Products and Solutions company, based in Hyderabad, India. By focused leadership and dedicated workforce, we have excelled and exceeded all our customers’ expectations in the domains of Software Development, Mobile Applications, E-Communications, E-Security Systems, Global Positioning Systems and Corporate Training. Brihaspathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has over 3900+ clients spreading across various industries & vertical markets.

Brihaspathi’ Solution

Brihaspathi Technologies has rich and valuable expertise in offering end-to-end CCTV Surveillance solutions. At Kurnool City, we have leveraged on the powerful Wireless Radio Frequency Technology, which is an advanced solution for establishing security and surveillance system. The Wireless Radio uses 5.8GHz or 5800 Mz Frequency for establishing wireless spectrum across the city. The Wireless Radio antennas are placed across the city for creating the wireless network. Each Wireless Radio can cover a distance of 500mts to 50kms. Our CCTV surveillance solution included setting up of 120 CC cameras at 30 junctions of Kurnool City. Of these 20 were PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras and 100 Infrared (IR) Bullet Cameras. All the 120 cameras can be viewed from the Central Monitoring System. There are 3 Central Monitoring Stations at different locations. Each Monitoring Station will have multilevel data storage to prevent external threats. Each Monitoring System will have 30 days of backup at any point of time. All the backup video will be stored in san server and Network video recorder.

Key Benefits

Brihaspathi’s Wireless Radio Technology enabled CCTVs at Kurnool city offer a host of benefits to the client, the Kurnool Municipal Corporation.