Kurnool Govt Hospital Project

In 1852 a small hospital of only two wards was built out of provincical funds, in the town, at a cost of about Rs. 5000/- It functioned as a Government Institution till 1866, when it was handed over to the municipality. Gradually, as necessity arose and as funds were available, additions were made to the building viz. Out patient department a small operation room a Female ward and a Maternity block. The hospital was again transferred to the control of Government from 1st April 1899. But, as the town began to grow, a growing necessity for enlargement of the Hospital was felt and it was decided that the old building should be abandoned alltogether. A new Hospital was built at the site, on which the present buildings, stand, in the year 1971. This consisted of an administrative block, with two wards of 20 beds each on either side, one for male and the other for female patients. In 1920 at a distance from the male ward, an operation theatre, kitchen, store rooms and the isolation wards were completed. Sub-sequently quarters for the staff and a postmortem room were sanctioned and constructed in another three years.

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