Software development in Brihaspathi technologies

Software development is the process of writing and maintaining the source code. It includes all that is involved between the formation of the desired software to the final demonstration of the software, in a structured and planned process.



Our team's extensive experience is in the technologies such as, .NET, PHP, JAVA and HTML5 which helps in designing and developing of simple to complex software applications. The success of each software development project is based on people, process and technologies.

Our software development services include understanding of business goals and strategies of the client company. We deliver fair results based on the requirement. We are professionals in designing.

Web application:

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Do you want to promote a service, provide information, sell a product? What do you hope to accomplish by building your web site?

In computing, a web application is a client–server software application in which the client user interface runs in a web browser. Common web applications include online retail sales, online auctions, wikis, webmail, instant messaging services and many other functions.

Phases of web designing:

  • Collecting Information

  • Planning

  • Designing

  • Development

  • Testing and Delivery

  • Maintenance

Software application:

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Software development is the process of developing software through successive phases in an orderly way. The process involves not only the actual writing of code but also the preparation of objectives and requirements, the design of what is to be coded, and confirmation of what is developed has met the objectives.

Phases of software development:

  • Identifying the required software.

  • Analysing the software requirements.

  • Specification of the software requirements.

  • Software design.

  • Programming.

  • Testing and delivery.

  • Maintenance.

With Brihaspathi Technologies, it is not just software development, but it is more to do with idea generation, plan framing, and achievement of execution as per the needs and expectations of the client. We differentiate ourselves by providing

  • Complete support on change management, analysis and consultancy.

  • We Understand your business and develop a solution that has a positive impact

  • Develop a strong sense of understanding on either side of the project expectations and goals.

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