Biometric System For Educational Institutions

Biometric system is an automated system of recognising a person based on physiological characteristics. Most used features measured are fingerprints, face, iris and hand geometry. Also the system uses behavioural characteristics like handwriting and voice.




What does biometric system do?

  • Captures images
  • Creates templates
  • Stores data
  • Compares the data

Why do we need Biometric systems?

  • To be sure on who is attending the Classes?
  • To track the exact time pupil are entering the classes.
  • To have a list of books the pupil takes from library.
  • Can be used during the time of enrolment of the students.

Types of biometric data:

  • Raw images – recognisable data
  • Encrypted images – This is used to generate images
  • Encrypted partial data – this is used to generate partial data from images.

Types of Biometric systems:

  • Identification systems – Used to identify individuals based on face, fingerprint recognition.

This system is much harder than the verification system measurement is based on genuine and unique features.

  • Verification systems – Used to store the data in the form of card, signatures etc.

This system is almost impossible to replicate as dynamic signature is used here to recognise.

 Biometric data storage:

The biometric data is mainly stored in the centralised database system. A centralised database locates stores and maintains the database in a single location.

Advantages of Biometric systems:

  • Great in time management

  • Provides security

  • Helps in being accurate

  • Identifies the pupil easily

  • Reliable

  • Transparent

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  • Aadhaar enabled biometric system

  • Finger print biometric system

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