Surveillance in hotels

Surveillance in hotels



Hotels are the establishments that provides facilities such as paid lodging and quality mattresses. There are various types of hotels – luxurious hotels, full service hotels, small hotels etc. Depending upon the its size and functions. The security cameras have become a must for the purpose of safety in the hotels.



How does the video surveillance help hotels?


  • The video surveillance offers security to the residents of the hotel accomodation.

  • It helps in monitoring the visitors entering the hotels and restaurants.

  • It helps in identifying the unusual activities taking place in the are and helps prevent theft.

  • Place cameras near the valuble items so as to protect them.

  • The restaurant staff and workplace cafeteria can be observed to know the working efficiency of the staff.

  • To avoid any false claims from the customers saying their belongings were lost or claiming that already paid the bill.

  • In upscale luxury hotels there will be amusement parks, casinos and such amenities within the resorts and hotels. Such amenities shall also be monitored with the video surveillance




  • The privacy of the residents of hotel accomodations should not be halted.

  • The cameras can be placed at lobbies, pools, meeting rooms all of them outside of the break rooms and guest rooms.

  • As most of the cameras in hotels are plced outside, the cameras should be weather proof, dust proof and water proof.

  • Make sure there is uninterrupted power supply to the camera.



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