Video surveillance for industries

Industries are the production houses of the goods and they also provide allied services. Industries are mainly of 3 types: primary, secondary and tertiary.




Primary sector: This sector majorly deals with production of raw materials, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing etc. This sector largely involves agriculture, as it is the main source of producing raw materials. There is a huge possibility for the theft of the raw materials and wood in case of forestry. To prevent such adverse acts, you need proper video surveillance.


How is CCTV camera useful in primary sector industries?

  • It is useful for security of the farmlands and helps the owners from safeguarding there land.

  • It aids in protecting the stored raw goods in go downs and warehouses.

  • Monitors and alerts when intruders enter the area.

  • The livestock in the shelters and fishery can be secured.

  • The equipment in the stock can be taken care of by placing a surveillance camera.

  • The workers in the fields can be monitor to observe the productivity.

  • Helps the owners from preventing the invaders from occupying the area.

Secondary sector: This sector deals with manufacturing of goods and products. It concentrates in producing finished goods. As the manufacturing industry relies both on the primary and tertiary sectors, the storage of the raw materials and the finished goods both are important.

How does video surveillance help in secondary sector?

  • Prevents theft: In order to protect the materials and goods the manufacturing industry needs to have proper surveillance.

  • The process of manufacturing involves quality. Proper monitoring of the process helps in producing good quality finished products.

  • Video surveillance is good for monitoring workplace safety.

Tertiary sector: This sector mainly concerns about providing services. This involves FMCG, banking, legal services etc. It involves service providers interacting with the customers or the product consumers.

How does CCTV cameras benefit tertiary sector?

  • Monitors the working efficiency of the staff.

  • Helps in identifying any usual activities in retail, wholesales, banks etc.

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