Surveillance in populated areas

Think of populated areas and there comes a picture of city malls, amusement parks, exhibitions, cinema theatres, temples, etc. Different occasions highlight different flashpoints.


India is the second most populous country. As a result, we come across huge population where ever we go.

How is CCTV camera useful in populated areas?

  • The places of worship such as temples, mosques and churches will have huge population at the time of festivals and ceremonies. Such areas are a prime focus of burglars. To avoid any unfavourable acts, you can install a surveillance camera.

  • Another popular site for large audience is cinema theatres. The theatres are full at the release of big budget movies and famous hero movies. The audience will be full at ticket counters and also in the halls. There are many possibilities for stampede at such places. The CCTV helps in the safety of the audience.

  • In the amusement parks, there will be so many visitors. Children of all ages visit the parks to have fun. There will be wide range of options to ride on, roller coasters, dashing cars and swings. The swimming pools will be filled with kids playing in the water. For the security of the kids and to monitor the equipment. You can place a CCTV camera.

  • Exhibitions are of no exception in the list of populated areas. The people stand at each stall of the exhibition to have a look at the latest products in the market and few of them enthusiastically buy the products. A CCTV camera helps you detect any misplacing of the product.

  • Hotels and Malls have been a prey object. Many unfortunate incidents took place at such areas. To identify the unusual happenings well in advance, a Video surveillance has become a must.

Apart from the above mentioned places, there are so many areas of public places that need surveillance for the safety of public.

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