Biometric systems

what is biometric system?

Biometric refers to a standard of measurement of the behavioral and physiological characteristics of the individuals. It is generally used to identify a person by using the specific data about unique biological traits provided by the users. The system runs through algorithms for definite results. The technology is used for access control and is also used for identifying individuals under surveillance. The basic undertaking of biometric system is based on the fact that every individual will have unique behavioral and physiological traits.

The origin:

The biometric system was started mainly to identify the criminals who repeatedly altered their appearances by changing the hairstyles, losing and gaining weight, along with body language to conceal their original appearances. After a good amount of research it was understood that even if the name, appearance and habits get changed there are few traits in the individuals that remained unchanged such as length of finger. The system was faded as some people shared same measurements.

The identification by using the fingerprint then started as they were absolutely unique to each individuals. No two persons had the same fingerprint which arose the interest in the field of study has grown in many countries. Today we have the biometric technology to realise the aims and refine the accuracy in the identification.

Features of biometric system:

  • It is universal as every person have individual traits.

  • Unique as it can be distinguished from one another.

  • The system permanence depends on the specific algorithm of the trait.

  • The speed and accuracy impacts the system performance

  • It is capable of holding 3000 registered users

  • t can hold 1 lakh punches

  • USB/SMS based settings and accurate data eport.

  • Multiple records in one ping.

Functioning of the cloud based biometric system:

The cloud based biometric system is made by keeping accuracy and simplicity in mind. The functioning of the system involves:


The fingerprint access with the biometric device. The device shows whether the entry is genuine or not. If the entry is from the genuine person the data is verified and sent to the web service.

Then the data of the user is sent to the SOAP protocol using GPRS or wi-fi.

The final step where the data settles and is stored is at cloud server.

The Data:

The data is stored in the database The device has various categories where the users information can be accessed:

  • The dashboard provides details about attendance.

  • Central monitoring gives details about shift, timing about the incoming and outgoing details, the duration they spent in the area.

  • Whether he employee is present or on leave.

  • The record about the daily, monthly and yearly details.

  • In case of shifts, it shows the exact duration they spend in the office by the details the employee provides

  • The payroll details is also available in the Database based on the number of days present, number of days on leave, the mount of duration the employees spending in office each day and in total.