Security solutions in transportation modes

Are you sure if the public who is using your vehicle is safe?


  • Do you want to prevent crime in the transport systems?

  • Do you want to create a safer environment for the passengers?

  • Want to monitor the employees in the transport system?

  • Are the goods and products that are being transported reaching the destination without any modifications?

  • The one solution for the above issues is to install a mobile digital video camera. The surveillance in transportation is increasing each day due to its various benefits.

    Everyday we take different modes of transportation. The major modes of transportation are aviation, land transportation and water ways. The world is moving on wheels and so is the business. The new way of doing the small scale business includes food trucks, mobile vegetable markets, mobile fruit markets etc. The import and export industry mainly relies on transportation. For such businesses, a proper surveillance has become a must.

    How do mobile digital video camera useful in the transportation?

    • Minimises losses due to theft in the vehicles

    • Aids law enforcement and security personnel to stop any unusual activity.

    • During the time of protest, the surveillance devices help in identifying the protestors and vandals of the vehicles.

    • In aviation mode it comes in aid to the passengers until they land safe on ground.

    • It is a great alternative to the costly security staff. It is low cost, reliable and flexible.

    In case of transportation, the wireless technology comes in aid. We, Brihaspathi technologies provide you the best CCTV cameras for transportation. We have on-board video surveillance products and we provide you services in the same. You can stream live footage from any vehicle where you install the surveillance camera quickly.

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