City surveillance

The cities are the prominent centres of trade and business. The expansion of cities is ever growing due to the increasing population to the cosmopolitan cities. The facilities and opportunities in the cities attract the population from different locations. With the large flow of population into cities, there is a possibility for unusual activities frequently.


How does city surveillance help us?

  • To deter crime and vandalism

  • With the increasing density of population the security surveillance benefits for the safety of the citizens.

  • The poor who is resides on the road without shelters will also have security with the CCTV camera.

  • The homeless animals like street dogs and cats cannot be taken away or with fear of CCTV cameras.

  • Can help in reducing gold burglars and snatchers.

  • The monuments can be safeguarded from demolishers by monitoring.

  • During night time the bike riders and vehicle owners will be monitored with the help of surveillance cameras.

  • A long time recording will be available for the law enforcement.

  • Can be useful to sense any protests well in advance.

  • It helps police keep watch on doubtful people in the city.

  • The crime rate decreases with the installation of CCTV cameras.

What type of cameras is suitable for city surveillance?

  • The camera used for the city surveillance should be weather resistant

  • It should be covering 360 degrees view

  • It should be able to capture the night images.

  • It has to be working for a long time.

Most of the cities in India and in the world are installing CCTV cameras at for complete surveillance of the area for the safety of the residents.

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