Multi Apartment video door phone

A video door phone also known as video intercom is a device that allows two way communications. It is mainly used to manage calls incoming from the entrance doors. It is different from an intercom as it includes a video facility. It enables the communication between indoor and outdoor of a house through facilitating the video capture of the person outside, to the person inside.

Working process of the Video door phone:

Video door phone consists of two types of elements - inside elements and outdoor elements. In the outside it has an outdoor panel installed just beside the entrance. For the outsiders, there will be several buttons available to call the persons living inside. As soon as the outsider calls the person inside, there will be a notification sent to the person inside.

Usually one pushbutton is available per home or flat/ apartment. A micro camera is placed to capture the image of the visitor. The camera enables the resident to view the people in the night as well. To clear the way for the visitor an electric door release is provided. And they automatically clear the way as per the residents’ requirements. It has a microphone as part of the design to pick the voice calls.

Extra features of the latest video door phones:

  • Few latest Video door phones capture the images and save it for future reference. Such Video door phones have memory to store the image every time a person calls.

  • And few are provided with automatic operations mainly designed for the disabled citizens.

Multi Apartment video door phone:

A video interim that is connected to indoor phones of the multiple housing units of a building is known as multi apartment video door phone.

It is mainly used for apartments and office buildings. In this, a common out door station is connected to various blocks of the apartment to which the power supply is also connected to the outdoor station. It provides one button for indoor monitoring and there are several pushbuttons in the outdoor station.

Multi Apartment video door phone is the latest technology being used in the real estate business and is mainly used in the metro and cosmopolitan areas and cities for separate units of a same building.

How is video door phone useful to you?

  • To know who has come to visit you even before you open the door.

  • If you are so lazy to open the door and take a look on who has come to visit you. A video door phone comes to your use.

  • Helps you monitor the visitors for the purpose of your safety.

  • If you go for a latest VDP, it will be more beneficial for aged and disabled citizens, as it is designed with specialised features like remote door release.