CCTV Cameras In Hospitals

Have you experienced any criminal activity in the past in the hospital?


  • Does your hospital face frequent break-in issues?
  • Were you a victim of false insurance claims?
  • Do you need video surveillance in your hospital?


If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then you are in urgent need of a CCTV camera.

To keep watch on the activities taking place in the hospital, place a CCTV camera. In a hospital there will be so many wards, ICUs and emergency departments, to know the status of the patients a CCTV camera will be so helpful.

How is a CCTV camera useful for hospitals?

The CCTV camera is useful for the purpose of

  • Safety and security: Ensure the patients and the working staffs have enough security.

  • To monitor the employee productivity.

  • To avoid dishonest medical insurance claims in case of false declarations from patients about injuries while in the hospital.

  • To stay away from break -ins of robbers and burglars.

  • To easily identify patients in trouble so as to get to the patients on time.

  • To keep check of unauthorised visitors

  • To figure out the employee disputes

  • It provides visual evidence for whatever we do.

A CCTV camera provides real time monitoring in the hospital for 24hrs a day.

Threats of surveillance:

  • Make sure you are not using the cameras at private places.

  • The privacy of the patients should be well- maintained and it should not be disturbing to the visitors or patients.

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