Installation Of CCTV Cameras In Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt.Ltd



  • PTZ Camera is useful in providing large field of view, tracking built- in motion, it is also good in providing night vision.

  • Bullet fixed camera provides high resolution and it is easy to install.

  • Dome cameras are weather resistant. It is of dome shaped.

The cameras were installed for the purpose of factory surveillance. The customers were so satisfied with the work of our technicians. The cameras were placed in different locations of the site. The CCTV cameras that were installed in the factory are of good quality and helps in identifying unusual activities even in the night.

The cameras are weather proof and can capture the moments at the time of hazards and natural disasters. They are used to monitor staff, warehouse and the materials stored. The safety of the working staff can be ensured with the installation of the CCTV cameras.

The surveillance cameras are installed in different places of the factory to ensure the security of the employees and to keep watch on the goods stored. Our technicians have placed right cameras at right places.

Brihaspathi Technologies has wide range of CCTV cameras. Each has its own purpose and has many designs to fulfil different requirements. It has special cameras for the factory surveillance. Each of the CCTV cameras has best of the features. The requirements at factories are a many based on the necessity of the industries. We provide you with best solutions in surveillance.

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